3-Year-Old Left Locked in Wallingford Day Care: Family

Wallingford parents said her three year old child was locked inside a daycare on Tuesday. 

“We found our daughter in the toilet and she was covered in her own feces with nobody around,” Bernadette Sorbo, the 3-year-old girl’s mother, said. 

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Wallingford Police said they were dispatched to the YMCA’s Learning Community at Choate Rosemary Hall on 333 Christian Street for a welfare check at 6:30 p.m on Valentine’s Day.

“I got her off the potty. I wiped her down and cleaned her off and we went over to the cubby,” Sorbo said. “She was so excited to show me all her gifts.”

Sorbo said that her daughter is picked up every day at 6 p.m.

When the girl’s father, Timothy McWade, went to the daycare to pick up his daughter Aubrie, the doors were locked and the building appeared to be closed. McWade called Sorbo- who was only a few minutes away- to get a code to enter the building get into the building, Sorbo drove to the building and the pair found their daughter in the bathroom covered in feces and called police, Sorbo said. 

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“My daughter was left in the building, unattended in the bathroom,” Timothy McWade said on the 911 call to police. “My daughter is sitting on a toilet and all their workers left.”

Th daycare reported the incident to the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood one day later and the agency is investigating. 

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NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters found an online inspection summary that shows since April 1999, there have been 13 unannounced visits to the daycare.

The records also show multiple complaints in mid-October that resulted in 10 violations, including “diapering and toileting, sleeping arrangements and administering medications.”

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A corrective action plan was ordered. The Troubleshooters have requested the full inspection documents from the state.

Police said they’ve wrapped up their investigation and determined internal errors with procedures are to blame that don’t rise to the level of anything criminal.

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Meanwhile, Sorbo said she’s waiting for Aubrie’s night terrors to pass.

“She was up all night crying and upset about it,” Sorbo said. “She would wake up in the middle of her sleep screaming for me or her dad and that was upsetting.”

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The Executive Director of the Wallingford YMCA tells NBC Connecticut their mission is “to promote children’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual development while meeting the needs of families. We believe in the core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. We’ve been in communication with our parent community since this incident and have conducted an immediate and thorough investigation to prevent an incident like this from occurring again,” Sean Doherty Executive Director.