Six Of president Trump’s Aides Have Failed Their National Security Background Check

Form SF86 includes questions about past abuse of prescription and illicit drugs, ties to terrorist activity and criminal records
Daily Mail: Six Trump aides marched out of the White House for FAILING national security background check that asks about drugs, arrests and money woes

* White House staff were escorted off the premises by security on Thursday
* They failed the standard national security background check expected of anyone whose government job requires a security clearance
* One of the unlucky is President Trump’s director of scheduling
* She is the daughter of his Florida campaign director, who was also chief of staff to the governor
* A White House source says two of the rejected aides were set to work on the National Security Council staff

Six White House staffers were marched out of the building on Thursday after they failed national security background checks.

Politico reported that the unlucky half-dozen included one who was the president’s director of scheduling.

Caroline Wiles is also the daughter of Susan Wiles, a former chief of staff to Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the Trump campaign’s director in Florida.


WNU Editor: Could this be the beginning of something more?