Join the Digital Nomad Movement: How to Get Started

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The life of a digital nomad seems to be attracting a lot of hype these days. Why wouldn’t it when one gets to enjoy working while traveling to different parts of the world at the same time? It definitely challenges the norms of having a 9-5 job. The appeal, however, lies in the opportunity to create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Several studies are predicting the number of digital nomads to shoot to 1 billion by 2035.

Because this lifestyle is fairly new, there isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all approach to starting it. However, if this is a path you’re planning to pursue, you might find the following tips helpful:

Start letting go of ties you have to permanent fixtures

The premise of the digital nomadic lifestyle is for you to freely move to any location in the world that you think is conducive to work and leisure. To achieve this, you must first minimize the ties you might have to a permanent address. If you’re holding a long-term lease to an apartment, own a car, subscribe to a gym membership, or own a pet, these are the first things you need to resolve. Set a target date on when you want to start your journey, so you can slowly dispose of the things that you no longer need.

For those that are essential or hold sentimental value, pack them well enough. You may hire any of the removalists in Adelaide or other locations to transfer your belongings transferred to a storage facility. You can add more to your travel fund by selling those that you have set aside for disposal.

Amp up your skills and beef up your portfolio

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Months prior to leaving, it would be best for you to list down all the skills you currently have in your arsenal. Identify those you can capitalize and monetize online, and start taking on online courses for skills you still want to acquire. Generally, skills in content writing, marketing, or website development come in handy. Native English speakers can easily find remote jobs, especially if you possess the necessary certificates to teach English as a second language. Montessori schools in Beijing, for example, offer up to $60,000 a year to qualified candidates.

To help you prepare for your journey, meet other remote workers or join a community. Through here you would get to know more about the realities they face. This is to prepare you mentally and present you opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the trade. This community can also help you plan out your itinerary as you still have to decide which country you’ll be heading to first.

Traveling to and living in other countries can involve a lot of paperwork. It will require you to adhere to certain laws in your destination. Immigration processes vary from country to country, so it will be beneficial for you to have a community you can turn to for answers. In addition, you will be needing referrals to legitimate remote employers to get you started.

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