Plush Pointers: A Guide to Keeping Upholstered Furniture Fresh

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Depending on how it’s made, upholstered furniture can bring a classy look to your home’s interior. Not only that, but it can be pretty comfortable and plush as well. However, as fabulous as it may look now, its appearance will fade over time. And when you don’t take care of it properly, it may do so faster than you first think. Try following these pointers for keeping your furniture looking fresh for longer.

Limit Exposure to the Sun

When you’re considering your upholstered furniture’s arrangement in your house, you should take care to position it a bit away from the sunlight. It can make the fabric or leather fade faster over time. Aside from putting your furniture out of the sun’s way, you can also try to install solar film for home windows. It will block a reasonable amount of sunlight, letting your sofa or couch survive a little longer. Just make sure that you’re all good with your homeowner’s association as well as your window manufacturer. Some of them don’t approve of these films.

Move It Around

You may encounter a situation in which you can’t avoid the sun completely. In this case, you’ll do well to rearrange the furniture regularly. It’s a great opportunity for you to do some cleaning, and your furniture’s exposure will become more balanced. If it has any removable cushions, you can also turn them around every once in a while. It can be hard work, but it can also help keep you from getting bored with your rooms.

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Provide Protection

If your furniture has cloth as part of the upholstery, an option that you can take is to put more fabric protector on it. While some manufacturers already put a certain amount on your sofa or chair, you can still purchase some and apply. You can also use other means of protection, such as arm covers, or even blankets and throw pillows. The most important thing is to cover the actual piece of furniture from the elements while keeping a pleasing aesthetic.

Give a Good Cleaning

When you’re the type to take food or other staining items to the sofa area, there’s a chance that you’ll spill something on your furniture. In this case, it’s best to clean it out as soon as possible, or else it may leave a noticeable mark. Vacuuming every week is also a must, especially when you have cloth-based upholstery or you have furry pets roaming around. This will keep your furniture hygienic as well as looking fresh. It also helps to have professionals come by to clean every once in a while.

Every item that we can ever have in our homes will lose its fresh appearance over time. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care of our possessions. Doing so won’t just make their aesthetics keep, but it will also make them last longer for us to use. In the end, we’ll be able to say that our things have served us well.

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