Start Now: Efficiently Making Your Start-Up Pitch

Start up pitch

As a visionary entrepreneur, you have this dream of bridging the gaps in the market. You believe that your products and services will help better the lives of people and even change the world. Your ambitious ideas are not great but also game-changing. But before any of your goals happen, you need to find funds first.

One of the challenges that many start-up owners need to face is to build their funds. And this can be done by getting an investor. How exactly are you going to woo your investors? Through pitching, of course! So for now, set aside your brilliant ad campaign ideas for your direct mail solutions or that new office printer you want to get. You need to find the money first, and here’s how you can do it:

Keep things simple

The single most important thing you need to remember is to make sure that your presentation is simple. You do not have to have a lengthy explanation to get to your point. When presenting your company, start with a short description of your business idea. State your vision and mission. And when you go into details, make sure that the market problem is clearly explained. This simple formula should make it easy for your prospective investors to understand the nature of your business.

Don’t just focus on your story

Many start-ups are too compelled to tell their humble beginnings — the type of stories where founders have started in their friends’ bedroom or garage. While this can add an emotional touch, investors are not purely interested in it. Remember that your investors’ time is valuable, and you should make the most of it. Don’t bog them down with the romanticization of your start-up’s story. Should you wish to add your story, keep it short. And make sure to read the room before dropping a piece of humour or a funny anecdote.

Bring your samples

You are talking to business people, and these individuals are always looking for tangible things before committing to a particular cause. If you have already designed a product, bring a prototype and let them experience it first-hand. If carrying an actual item is impossible at the moment, you can always include your product’s blueprint or a 3D render of it. Bringing pictures or videos of your products will help investors visualize your business’ potential.

Be accurate with your figures

Facts and figures matter to businesspeople. After all, they care a lot about making money. So when projecting the possible profit, be conservative and accurate. If you claim that they can earn this much, see to it that you can justify it with data. Remember, the burden is in your hands, and if you can’t deliver, you may lose your credibility.

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Wing it!

Start-up pitches should be short, smooth, and free from frills. To seek inspiration, you can look into the presentation of decks of advertising agencies or other start-ups online. Some templates may help you streamline your data. This way, you can make ones that are appropriate and engaging.

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