Surviving the Annual Purge: Are You Safe Inside Your Home?

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When done right, scary film flicks try to tap into people’s psyche, impact them, and then reveal society’s collective stress and anxieties. So, even without positive reviews, motion pictures like the Purge only forage people’s worst fears. However, it became one of the most iconic thriller films because it still captivated viewers with outlandish scenes and equally strange dialogue.

In the world of the Purge cinematic universe, citizens are offered one evening when all criminal activities are legitimate. While the movie’s reality is not true, the repressed craze of a socially divided country feels disturbing, and it can hit close to home. After all, that is how you tell if a movie concept is good. It blurs the line between fiction and reality, and it haunts you even after viewing.

If the writers and makers of the Purge are to believed, residence intrusion is an issue in the USA’s dystopian future. It is almost 2022, and all criminal activities are legislated for the night. A government broadcast interrupts your evening show to explain that the annual purge considerably reduces the country’s criminal offense rate by allowing citizens to do things for their psychological health. That means, even if you are at home, intruders can come into your home, and you cannot call for help.

Are you ready? Is your home prepared? Learn about some essential things you need for your home for the special horrifying occasion if it were real.

Preparing Your Family and Home

  • Sturdy doors and locks

Let us say that you are a simple person who wants to be safe during the Purge. So the first thing you need is to secure your house with sturdy doors and locks. Given the context that you are not expecting for any hostile audience seeking vendetta against you, strong barred doors are your first go-to to ensure no one accidentally stumbles inside your home.

Furthermore, make sure you have double or even triple locks with bars and chains because there might be fools who can pick your house as the target on a whim. Having multiple locks on your door prevents a physical break-in, and you can be safe.

  • Window grills

Following the point above, to prevent unwanted break-ins, you need to seal any possible entrances, including your windows. Say goodbye to aesthetic-looking glass windows or even sliding ones. Unbarred windows are more fragile than a cheap doorknob, as anyone can toss themselves into your house through your windows. If fiberglass is out of the question, make sure you get to your local supplier and replace your fragile windows with secured grills.

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  • Proper gates fences

Before anyone gets to your doors or windows, having proper gates and fences is your first line of defense. If your property allows it, you should have both. There are even aluminum fence gates for sale that can withstand a horde of purgers. It can let you be aware of the situation before the doorbell even rings, and your viewfinder shows uninvited guests.

If your house is sitting on a lot that is large enough to entertain this extra added layer of security, then you should. Keep in mind that the Purge also lets vandals roam around freely all night long.

  • A safe room and security systems

When the worst-case scenario happens and purgers get into your home, having a safe room and security systems can save your lives. In light of the event, you could convert and fortify a room where you could take your family until the sun rises. If a bunker is not an option, you must have a secret room with supplies and remote access to your house system just in case purgers ran amok in your home. Staying put inside a safe room can make purgers think you are not at home, and your family can be safe.

  • Weapons to defend yourself

As your last resort, you should also have weapons to defend yourself and your family. If you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to protect your loved ones, you need items that can act as defensive weapons. With proper licensing and training, an individual can own the appropriate weapon. Additionally, it can help if the rest of your family members can have something to protect themselves, such as a taser.

The Purge is fictional, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any accidents or break-ins that can happen in your house. In any situation, it is better to be sure and safe. Even in the current circumstances, you need to ensure your property’s security and your family’s safety. So consider the pointers mentioned above, whether it’s for a Purge-like setting or the reality you have now.

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