Viable Ways to Reduce Commercial HVAC Costs

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Your commercial HVAC system might be increasing your operational costs. If you have an existing system, you should make it function optimally. You should also ensure that your building and the positioning of your HVAC system do not contribute to high energy bills. This article highlights some of the ways to cut your commercial energy costs.

Carry Out an Energy Audit

A conclusive energy audit helps you know the amount of energy that your building uses daily, weekly, and monthly. Such a review enables you to understand the periods of the year that are priciest regarding energy costs. This is important because it helps you know when there are unusual spikes that might be indicative of underlying problems. Since only a reliable provider can help you conduct accurate audits, do not entrust the task to just anyone.

Maintain Your HVAC System

The fact that you have high-quality HVAC equipment does not mean that maintaining it is unnecessary. You have to check it regularly to ensure that it works at optimal efficiency. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the maintenance tasks to conduct according to your type of system. Alternatively, you can entrust the work to specialists in air-conditioning repair. Experts stand a better chance of doing everything right, especially when replacing air filters is necessary.

Locate Your Thermostats Strategically

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Poorly located thermostats can contribute to unnecessary HVAC costs. If you place them near doors, fans, windows, or strong drafts, their temperature measurement will not be accurate. This means that your system might respond when it should not. For instance, if you place the thermostat near computers, copiers, coffee makers, and other heat generating apparatus, it will have inappropriate readings. It is advisable to position your thermostat away from people, too. This is because they can create drafts that can affect its performance. It is advisable to invest in thermostats that come with zone control capabilities.

Turn Off Unused Applications

Again, appliances such as coffeemakers, computers, lights, and copiers affect the temperature of a building. If you leave them on for longer than necessary, they will not only use more energy but also make your HVAC system to work harder. If you never use your offices on weekends, ensure that your thermostats are not set to heat or cool your offices on weekends. It is advisable to remind your staff to switch off and unplug any appliance that they are not using.

Seal the Ductwork

Maintaining your HVAC unit will not mean much if your building’s ductwork is splitting. In case yours is one of the older buildings and you have not renovated it recently, the chances are high that your ductwork is faulty. Faulty ductwork means that your system will not operate efficiently. This is because the system will have to work harder to heat and cool your building efficiently. This means high energy bills and a rapidly wearing HVAC system.

Working with the right experts in positioning your HVAC system, carrying out energy audits, and maintaining and repairing your commercial HVAC system is essential. This makes it vital to compare many providers before choosing one.

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