What Every Woman Should Know About Car Service

woman checking her car engine

It’s the year 2019. Patriarchy is shifting, in an excruciatingly slow pace, towards equality. Admittedly, the struggle is still far from over. Many people continue to see women’s rights as a call to arms against men. As if fighting for equal rights can lead to men losing theirs. A dog-eat-dog world, which is not the case.

Until now, there are many misconceptions about women— some are slightly true, while some of which are tropes taken from pop culture references created by men. One of these tropes is women’s cluelessness about cars. Understandably, as children, not many women are taken by their fathers to a car repair shop. As teens, not all are taught to change the tires. They are rarely informed about the price of replacing a Subaru head gasket or how long the battery life of a Benz is.

A study done by the researchers from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University stated that women who have no idea on the price of service receive a higher price quote from car repair shops in comparison to men. The reason is not that men enjoy ripping women off, or that they dislike having women as customers. It’s simple: some shops instantly assume that women are not informed customers. But once women show their knowledge regarding the matter, they are given the same treatment as men.

Ever since, women have been breaking stereotypes. Some find empowerment in having their hands dirtied to restore their cars.

Here is an easy guide on what you should know about your car:

  1. Engine Oil

Make sure there is enough oil in your engine to keep your car away from compressive heating, oxidation, and thermal degradation. Once these three happens, the oil will perform the opposite of its purpose, meaning, the oil will no longer be lubricating, cleaning, and cooling your engine.

rack of spare tires

  1. Spare Tire

Before you leave, make sure you are not driving an over-inflated or under-inflated tire. However, for the inevitable instances when you are caught with a flat tire on the road, make sure you know where your spare tire and tools are. Remember, the spare tire on the back part of your truck is not for mere decoration. It serves a function.

  1. Maintenance Log

When something happens to your car, and immediate resuscitation is not enough, you need to have it brought to a professional. More or less, expect a series of questions about the last time you had your car checked. It’s best to keep a maintenance log. That way, you’ll know when to bring your vehicle for a check-up.

  1. Glove Box

Unlike the other categories on this list, your glove box doesn’t particularly address a mechanical concern. Despite that, mentioning the glove box matters in case of major and minor road altercation. Keep your insurance information, vehicle manual, registration, and first aid kit inside. You’ll never know when you’ll need them.

In a male-dominated work environment, women are teaching themselves, not only to repair their vehicle but to speak the language that men do when they talk about cars. It also counts to have an automobile repair shop that provides honest recommendations to its customers, a shop that offers an accurate assessment.

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