What to Do When Renting HVAC Equipment

Technician fixing HVAC unit

Whether you are staying in a temporary home without an HVAC system or your current unit at home broke down, there are some things that you need to remember when renting HVAC equipment. It seems pretty simple and easy, but you definitely have to keep a couple of things in mind so you wouldn’t be charged with any additional fee or whatnot.

Getting heater repair in Salt Lake City or any other location is your responsibility if you own the HVAC unit. But if you’re renting temporarily, here are the things you need to remember:

Have a Plan

The HVAC rental company will most likely ask you about the length and urgency of your rental. It would be best if you can give them the specifics: when you are planning to pick up the unit and when you will be returning it, and if you have a contingency plan if ever you accidentally damage the equipment.

They most likely have insurance or additional fees for damaged units, but they still would likely want to know what your plans are if you ever damage the unit unexpectedly.

How Big is the Area?

The company would want to know how big the area you are staying in is so they could determine what type of HVAC you might need. They might ask you about the exact measurements of the property, so be ready with the answer.

They might also want to know if there are nearby structures that might present some challenges when it comes to the installation. Additionally, they most likely would ask you which area of the house you’d want the HVAC to be in.

The Voltage and Amount of Power

HVAC systems require a specific amount of energy to work, which is why the rental company will most likely ask you this. They might ask you how many amps there are at 3-phase, so familiarize yourself with that.

Another question they might ask regarding this is if the home has power supply disconnects. If yes, then how many? If you are unfamiliar with this, you don’t have to worry, as you can ask them to come to your home before installing the system so they can have a look at the place.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

HVAC units outside apartment

Some locations enforce strict regulatory compliance regarding HVAC systems. To be sure that you would not be in trouble with the local government, you need to ask around and see if you need to sign any document or present some papers to legally rent and install an HVAC system. Talk to the local government officials and ask them about the specifics, so you can present it to the rental company.

You can always ask the rental company and the professionals who will install the system to help you figure out the things that are listed above. You should also ask the questions that you have in mind, so you would not be surprised by your electricity or rental bill. Having all the important information you need is important to make the right decisions.

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