3 Signs Your Home Needs a Water Softener

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Most Americans do not consider other attributes of water beyond its wetness. However, most residents of America have had to deal with the less appealing attributes of water, which is its hardness. Studies reveal that most Americans deal with the issue of hard water, which damages appliances, health, and the plumbing system. Surprisingly, most homeowners or renters consider a water softener a luxury addition to their homes. What they do not know is that water softener systems are an effective way of dealing with hard water.

Water softener systems fix the problems caused by hard water by getting rid of the minerals such as magnesium and calcium in it. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to determine that they need a water softener system. The good news is that you can now quickly tell that you need a water softener by going through these signs:

You see scale buildup on your appliances

You need soft water in Provo if your devices have an accumulation of scale. Mineral deposits usually form on coffee pots and tea kettles. Over time, the mineral deposits also accumulate within the pipes. The accumulation of these mineral deposits results in plumbing clogs, which make your home less effective than it should be at passing water through the pipes. The salts found in hard water form a white chalky buildup on appliances, which reduces their efficiency. As such, if you have noticed a buildup of scale on your appliances or you call a plumber often to deal with clogs, then it is time you considered investing in a water softener.

Your skin and hair are dry

What most people do not know is that hard water can result in itchy dry skin and hair, which can be uncomfortable. They happen due to the presence of extra magnesium and calcium salts floating in hard water. The minerals in hard water settle on your skin, but soap and shampoo that do not dissolve well in hard water fail to get rid of them. Notably, hard water blocks your skin pores and results in more inflammation than before. As such, dry and itchy skin is a warning sign that you should never overlook because it shows the need for soft water.

There is staining in your house

water stain on ceiling

Hard water has dissolved metals and minerals. As such, it causes ugly and stubborn stains on bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. You might try to get rid of the stains caused by hard water by using cleaning supplies. However, the ultimate solution should be to get a water softener. You will not have to struggle with stubborn stains on the white surfaces of your home when you have soft water running through the pipes. Therefore, it is time you settled for a permanent solution, which should be to install a water softener.

You cannot afford to continue using hard water in your home if you have already noticed these signs. You should enjoy the convenience of using soft water in your home. You need to save and protect your home by installing a water softener system.

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