5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Bills During Cold Winter Months


The cold stretch of winter is near, and more states are now experiencing colder weather than ever before. Although winter is a favorite season among many individuals, it comes with a price, expensive heating bills. However, falling temperatures don’t need to equate to rising energy costs. To help you ensure you have a warm and comfy home during colder months, here are simple ways you can reduce your heating costs, saving you money and energy this winter. ; ;

Invest in Quality Heating Appliances

When you opt for low-priced heating appliances, you compromise on durability, quality, and performance. A home furnace or heating system is usually a one-time investment, so it’s best to look for quality and not the price tag. However, this doesn’t mean you should put your every penny from your savings into it because there are plenty of reliable and affordable heating appliances with the quality that you deserve.

So, the next time you shop for anew furnace Salt lake city, make sure you ask for the details and not the price. Low prices may be tempting, but it can lead you to more expenses over time, so it’s best to go big and ensure your home stays warm throughout winter.

Have Your Home Heating System Properly Maintained

home heating system

A home’s typical heating system can include furnaces or heat pumps, and it’s best to have these products regularly checked and maintained to ensure it can keep your home warm during the entire winter. Check the filters of your furnace or heating pump at least once a month to see if they need any cleaning or replacement.

Keep your outdoor heating units’ surroundings clean and get a tune-up during warmer seasons to ensure they can withstand the harsh cold. When your home heating systems operate at maximum efficiency, this can save you a reasonable amount of money over time.

Insulate Your Home’s Crawl Spaces

These areas can include the walls and the attic. Although insulating these areas around your home can be pricey, the benefits they provide are long-term, ensuring your home stays warm during the cold stretch of winter. When you insulate these areas, it can help you save a considerable amount on your heating bills. Insulating your home can also help when you run air conditioning during summer, so don’t hesitate to shed a bit more money for home insulation.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help you reduce your heating costs if you set it correctly. For instance, setting it back to 10 to 15 degrees for a quarter of the day or whenever you leave home can save approximately 6% to 7% of your consumption, giving you lower energy bills. Another adjustment you can make is lowering the temperature overnight around two degrees, reducing your home’s energy consumption around 1%.

Decrease the Temperature of Your Water Heater

The Department of Energy (DOE) suggests that 14% to 25% of your heating bills are from your water heaters. The standard temperature setting for these units is around 140 degrees, and every 10 degrees you turn down can save you approximately 3% to 5% of your energy bills.

There are several ways you can reduce your energy bills and save on heating costs. Doing the ones we’ve mentioned can make a considerable difference in your total bills, helping you enjoy the beautiful winter season while keeping your wallet full.



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