Dispelling 4 Electric Fireplace Myths

family warming near the fireplace

Nothing matches the comfort of relaxing or sitting by a fireplace on a winter evening. Most people spend time and money during the summer months to prepare for the cold months by installing or maintaining their fireplaces in Salt Lake City so that they can enhance their comfort. Electric fireplaces are becoming the perfect solution in most homes. Since warmth at home is a priority during the cold months, it is the best time to consider an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces have gained popularity because of the beauty they add to a home. However, for some homeowners, electric fireplaces are not an option because they think that this modern fixture is not worth the investment. The misconceptions surrounding electric fireplaces have changed the perception of people. Well, in reality, they are just myths that should be dispelled.

Electric fireplaces are expensive to use

Nothing is more misleading than this misconception that prevents people from investing in an electric stove. The traditional fireplace did not spend anything else besides wood and kindling. Therefore, people assume that when electricity enters the equation, it becomes an expensive affair. In reality, electric fireplaces are designed to be energy-efficient, and they use electricity on average, the same power used by large space heaters. Therefore, you need only a few pennies per use. Besides, electric fireplaces are way cheaper than the usual home heating costs because the chimneys are efficient. Surprisingly, you will most likely note a reduction in your monthly bill when you use an electric fireplace as the primary source of heat this winter.

They cannot produce beautiful flames

If you have used the first-generation electric fireplace, then it is okay to be hesitant. However, with the technological advancements, electric fireplaces have new and modernized designs that produce beautiful flames that are as real as the traditional fireplaces. The truth is that electric fireplaces provide authentic flames. Also, you will be shocked to realize that some companies have electric fireplaces that you can easily mistake for the real wood-burning fire. As such, you shouldn’t be hesitant about buying an electric fireplace for your home because of this misconception.

They don’t produce much heat


The primary goal of having a fireplace in your home is for warmth and visual appeal. Unfortunately, some people are hesitant regarding electric fireplaces because they believe that these fireplaces give only visual appeal and not heat. In reality, electric fireplaces provide both warmth and attractive charm for your home. Most fireplaces are fan-operated. Therefore, they circulate heat throughout all the rooms in your home more efficiently than traditional fireplaces. Also, they cover a larger living area than traditional fireplaces and an array of change heat settings.

They cannot be repaired

Electric fireplaces have little moving parts. Therefore, they don’t quickly wear out or break. However, you are not guaranteed a trouble-free operation throughout their lifespan. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot repair an electric fireplace when it breaks down. You can call a technician to fix the issue.

These are some electric fireplace myths that you will encounter. Do not let these myths discourage you from buying an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are the best choice to add beauty to your home while still keeping it warm.

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