Elements to Look For in a House

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Having a new house as you raise your little family is comforting in many ways. Privacy and security are ensured, so you and your family members are guaranteed to be safer. If you are yet to buy a home, there are new subdivisions in St. George, Utah and other cities where you can start building and growing your own family.

As you start your search for a new home, what are the fundamental elements that should be present?

A Comfortable Space

The typical middle-class house size is 2,422 square feet. If your target area is within a middle-class community, the ideal size for a small family home would be between 1,816 and 3,027 square feet.

These sizes should be able to give you comfort and a space you can utilize to the max. When choosing among those sizes, consider the number of people in your family, living conditions, budget, and lifestyle. When you go for a bigger house, the taxes would be higher, contrary to smaller houses. However, it should be up to you; the size of your first home should be able to accommodate every aspect of your lifestyle.

As for bedrooms, the ideal number would be something enough where each of your children can sleep individually. If you need a guest room or an office, you would need more. Small families typically have two kids at most, so in that case, you should go with at least four bedrooms.

The number of bathrooms should also be given importance. A private toilet would be nice for the family and a powder room for guests that aren’t staying the night. It would be best to have each room with a bathroom, but realistically speaking, it won’t always be an option.

When you have an infant or a baby, the house’s layout is crucial. If possible, choose a house with a layout where the master bedroom can share a wall with a nursery or a temporary nursery, so you can have your little one close by.

Strong Foundation and Functioning Electrical Outlets

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You don’t want to be at risk of injuries from a collapsing structure in your house, so before making a purchase, check if the foundation is strongly built. You should have an inspector who will give you an in-depth report about the structure’s condition.

If you’re buying a previously owned home, there may be certain issues lying around, such as faulty outlets. Your appliances and all other electronics would be rendered useless without power, so make sure all outlets are working without any problems. Check the circuit breaker and do a few tests to be a hundred percent certain that everything is working perfectly.


A newly-built house would always be clean and nicely presented, but even so, you should check for red flags that indicate pest, bug, and other potentially harmful insect infestation. Open and inspect all cupboards, cabinets, corners, and other areas where these nuisances may linger. To make things easier, you can ask for the home’s Pest Control Analysis, if available.

Buying your first home is quite the feat, so you must be thorough and extra meticulous when looking for the important elements in the house you’re buying. Your family will thrive in a space where they are comfortable, safe, and most of all, happy.

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