Essential Accessories For Your Work Truck


An essential part of some home-based businesses is the truck. Whether you are a freelance contractor or a landscaper for hire, having a work truck that can carry all your tools safely can help a lot. But if you are working with your basic off-the-shelf truck, then it won’t have all the accessories that you need. Here are some upgrades that will elevate your vehicle to the next level:

Light Bars

Light bars for trucks might seem like an unnecessary addition, but you want your truck to be safe. When the rain is pouring down hard or the night is too dark, you will want that extra illumination. The great thing about the newest light bars on the market is that they are often LED lights. These lights are very energy-efficient while also delivering a higher level of lighting. You will be able to see where you are going with this on top of your truck.

Tie-down Anchors

There will always be a need to tie things down in your truck. Whether it is a massive piece of wood or a large sofa, transporting these items is much easier if you can secure them properly. You can tie them down with rope or something similar, but you still need anchor parts. You can try using the various parts of your truck, but they are not that secure. Tie-down anchors are for this job. You want anchors that will be able to handle the stress of securing heavy items. Consider anchors that retract when they are not in use so that you don’t disrupt the flatness of the truck bed.

Rubber Flooring

Most truck beds have a sold metal floor. That is great for some items, but you might want something softer for more fragile loads. Besides that, you will end up with scratched metal floors if you leave it like that. This is where installing rubber flooring comes in. You can buy rolls of the material and then lay it out. In addition to giving a soft floor to the metal bed, it makes it much easier to clean if anything spills on it.

Wireless Back-up Camera

One problem with trucks is that you might not be able to see behind you properly. The height of your vehicle and the contents of your flatbed might get in the way. If you don’t want to get involved in an accident, you should install a wireless back-up camera. Besides making it easier to see the view at the back of your car, it can record things so that you can use them in case of accidents. There are several models available out there. Choose one that is waterproof and has a secure mount so that it won’t fall off. You’ll also want to check out how you have to charge it. A wide field of vision is also essential.

Loading Ramps

loading ramp

You don’t want to hurt your back by continually lifting everything. This is worse when your pick up truck bed is pretty high. A better solution would be to roll or push things up. To help with this, you can install a loading ramp. These are especially useful if you have to load a lawnmower or something similar. Choose a loading ramp that has the strength to hold up any item that you are loading up. You should also find one that has a smooth surface so that loading is much easier. Length is another concern since longer ramps make the incline easier to go up while also providing you with some additional space.

Additional Storage

While your truck bed is spacious, it is still pretty open. This means that the elements can get to whatever you put there. This can be bad for any tools or fragile items you want to store. Putting things in the truck bed will lead to clutter. It is a good idea to get some organizing done. You can have several truck storage boxes for your truck bed. This makes loading and unloading easy while also protecting their contents. If you want to get fancy, you can get a toolbox that folds out and presents your tools in a complete display.

When you use your truck for work, you want it to be performing at its best. Adding these upgrades to it are worth the investment. You will be using them again and again, ensuring that you get your money’s worth from them.

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