Fire Hazards at Home: What You May Be Overlooking


One of the scariest things to think about is the possibility of your home setting ablaze and everything going to ruins. Home fires are among the biggest causes of damages and injuries in the United States, but thankfully, prevention is completely achievable. Beyond the usual guidelines like turning off the gas, keeping flammables tucked away safely, and making sure electrical sources are fire away from open flames, there are some other things to keep in mind that are just as important.

Maintain your dryers

When thinking about fire hazards, you may not immediately think of why it’s essential to get dryer vent cleaning. In Concord, New Hampshire, there are services specifically catering to this need because of the combustion risk from unmaintained dryer ducts and vents.

Because of constant usage, dryers build up lint. When this gets stuck in the vents, it can cause overheating that can end up setting the fluff on fire. Lint catching aflame in dryers has been noted as one of the most common causes of house fires in the United States, with over 300,000 cases happening every year.

Thankfully, this situation can be avoided easily by getting routine maintenance and cleaning on your machines. Because these appliances take such a heavy load throughout the year, getting a professional cleaning now and then can save your home from danger and even extend the lifespan of your dryer.

Clean out your chimney

cleaning chimney

The chimney is a fire hazard, beyond the apparent reasoning that it is a spot where you set up an open flame as needed. The danger comes in leaving the debris and build-up in that area because it can cause a sudden spark without you being able to catch it in time.

Make sure you sweep your chimney to get rid of soot that can cause combustion, not just in the area surrounding the logs and pit but also through the whole chimney’s chamber. The chamber gets build-up called creosote, which can coat the entire lining of the space and affect how well you can maintain a warm and controlled fire. Metal variations are also more prone to this build-up, so it’s best to check on it at least twice a year and make sure to do a thorough cleaning.

Minimize your use of extension cords

Technology and electrical wiring are inevitable parts of the households in the modern age, but it’s important to arrange the wires properly and not to overload your extension cords. Allowing them to get tangled up not only looks messy but can also cause problems with power distribution and run the risk of causing a fire.

This risk increases even more if you have too many things plugged into one extension cord, particularly if they are all high-power consuming and running at the same time. Control how many you are connecting and using at a time and make sure to space out where they are located.

If you stay vigilant and start doing these as part of your home maintenance routine, you can be safer and prevent accidental fires in your home.

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