Essential Home Maintenance That People Forget

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Keeping up a home means maintaining a lot of different aspects in a property, from appliances to furniture and more. With all the work that needs to be done to make sure the place is functional and clean, it’s easy to let some essential tasks fall by the wayside to make time for other seemingly more urgent chores. However, here are some often overlooked habits that you should take the time to get done.

Cleaning out dryers

One of the most used appliances in a home is the dryer, as the average American family has been shown to do around ten loads of laundry every week. This detail makes it necessary for a dryer vent cleaning in Denver to Maine, regardless of the common climate in each region.

Lint build-up is very common within dryers and not only affects the effectiveness and efficiency of your laundering but also poses an increased risk to fires. Clogging can occur and end up making your dryer work double-time, making it more prone to overheating. Because of the properties and materials that make up lint, combustion can happen.

Cleaning it out can prevent that safety hazard and save on energy consumption. That is not just good for the environment. It also helps to cut down on utility bills, energy usage and shortens the time needed to accomplish the task. You’ll find that a clean dryer vent can do a lot for convenience.

Cleaning your refrigerator


A refrigerator is a home appliance that pretty much never sees rest until it finally gives up. Because it’s stationary and pretty much always integrated into the background of a kitchen, homeowners tend to forget to maintain it beyond cleaning the surface areas. Many people also have fridges that have food and containers inside that are long expired and contributing to bacteria build-up.

The thing that needs more attention, though, are the coils. These are found in the bottom or back, depending on the model. They serve an essential role in keeping your system cool and efficiently refrigerating the goods inside. Because of dust, grime, and other materials that can get stuck in there over time, they eventually clog up. This makes your fridge prone to breaking down faster and not being able to cool well enough. Because of that, you’re left with higher costing bills because the refrigerator works harder to produce the necessary results and even poses a risk because of possible overheating.

Draining your heater

The heating system in your home is crucial throughout the year, even during warmer seasons, because it maintains the temperature and insulation inside your home. If you don’t drain your water heater, it can break down more easily and even get a leak, which poses a considerable number of risks in your abode.

It can also trickle down to your piping, which can cause even more issues throughout the household if left unattended. The best way is to regularly check your heater and flush it out so that it doesn’t accumulate and rust.

Don’t forget these important pointers, and you can rest easy, knowing everything is working as it should at your place.

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