Health News: COVID-19 Vaccine and How to Promote It in Your Workplace

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It came like a thief in the night, surreptitiously. Before this specific virus, came various variants that should have warned us: SARS, MERS. Still, COVID-19 hit the world like a huge comet threatening us existentially. Not one of us wanted it but here we are year 2021 and still fighting the virus. To date, there are a total of 1 1 million cases all over the world. And no less than 2.47 million deaths have been recorded so far. It’s unprecedented.

That’s exactly why the merits of a COVID-19 vaccine are such a blessing now more than ever. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thankfully there is positive news with regards to the COVID-19 vaccine. With one stumbling block: many people are still scared about receiving a vaccine. This is where you come in as the owner of a business. There are ways you can promote receiving the vaccine at your workplace. Even better, this would prove to be beneficial to both your workers and your business.

Vaccines in the Hot Seat

Let’s start with what a vaccine is. A vaccine is created to help fight against infectious diseases. That’s why a vaccine is given to you before you get infected. It does the job of building the immunity of the body against infectious disease.

Moreover a vaccine is the inactive form of the organism that causes the infection. Thanks to the works of the great French microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895) who made the first vaccines against dreaded anthrax and rabies, we are better equipped to formulate vaccines today. Thus, when introduced to the active dangerous organism, your body should have built immunity against it, courtesy of the vaccine.

So the coronavirus vaccine helps protect you against the infection. Or at least helps reduce the signs and symptoms as well as complications that come with it. Take note that not so many coronavirus vaccines have been made available as of now. There are just two vaccines that are available to Americans. They are from Pfizer-BiotNtech and Moderna.

Fortunately thorough clinical trials that have been carried out by these two pharmaceutical companies have proven the effectiveness of these vaccines. With an astounding 95% of participants testing successfully.

Among the common side effects are fever, chills, injection-site pain, muscle aches, headaches, and joint pain. However, don’t fret. These side effects were temporary, usually associated with other vaccines as well.

COVID-19 Vaccination: Why It Matters?

As a businessman, one of your priorities is ensuring the safety of your workers. This is especially true in times like this with a virus quickly spreading. Apart from adhering to the CDC guidelines in your business, promoting vaccination can play a huge role in this endeavor.

If you have apprehensions, take note. This is also a great marketing move on your part. When your employees are vaccinated, it inspires confidence in your products and services. And that can be a great marketing tool to drum up business for you to compensate for a year of seemingly endless turmoil brought about by the virus.

To note, many companies have struggled in their marketing, lamed by exigencies of the virus. Having your people vaccinated is a boost in your image. Even better, you can hire marketing coaching experts to make the most of it all. With the right marketing expert, you can have a viable growth strategy in place, getting you back on your feet despite the pandemic.

Apart from the business side of it, encouraging vaccination among your workers is caring for them. And it’s a win-win scenario. By protecting your workers, you’re ensuring your business stays intact.

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Promoting It

One way to promote the vaccination is to get leadership involved. This means talking to the human resources team and other key management. Tell them to lead by example. When leadership is set, employees can proceed with courage.

Additionally, spread the good news. Let everyone know top honchos such as President George Bush and President Barrack Obama are taking it.

You can talk with your marketing team to come up with a plan to come up with an initiative to boost the image of vaccines. Flyers could be distributed pointing out the benefits of getting one and the dangers of evading it. Above all, provide accurate information. Well-researched info can go a long way in reassuring people’s fears.

If you have to, you can offer incentives. How about an extra day off after being vaccinated? Or how about a bump in pay equal to a day? Again, take note that promoting vaccination is beneficial for all, you including. Happy and healthy workers equate to a progressive and productive business.

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