A Homeowner’s Guide to Keeping Pests Away When Fixing Your Home

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2020 has seen many home renovations, which have carried over into 2021, with more people trying to find different ways to accommodate the new normal. What had originally been a place of rest, relaxation, and family bonding has also become our workspaces and classrooms. Because of this, many remote workers and learners are finding that bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms aren’t the most efficient nor effective places to help keep productivity up.

While upgrading your home is exciting, it can easily become a stressful process that can lead to many problems without proper planning and preparation. Even one minor mistake can throw a wrench into the whole construction process. One of the most troublesome problems you may come across during renovation, especially if you’re not careful, is attracting pests or even dealing with existing pests. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can significantly hinder the progress of your home renovation.

You can avoid pests and upgrade your home with ease using these helpful tips.

Get Rid of Any Existing Pests

Nobody wants to have any bugs or infestations at home in the first place, but if we don’t do regular pest control on our houses, chances are there may be pests we aren’t aware of. This can end up causing problems that can affect your home during and even after renovation, as you can accidentally seal insects, bugs, and even rodents into your home. If this happens, you’ll end up having to redo the process at the cost of more time and money.

Before beginning construction, make sure to check whether you have any existing pest problems and address these problems to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Keep an Eye on Your Materials

It’s important to inspect the raw materials that are going to be used in your home before bringing them inside. Doing so will help you find any pests like termites or other bugs that can latch onto materials like wood which can lead to serious problems for your home is overlooked.

For instance, if you plan to use raw timber in your home, you want to ask your contractor to double-check the pieces used and even inspect them yourself before bringing them home. Doing this helps you protect your wooden pieces by not bringing in pests like termites into your home. You can also keep termites away by using different kinds of wood, wiping down your furniture, and avoiding contact with soil, among other things.

Have Any Cracks, Openings, or Holes Sealed

crack on the ceiling

Small openings are a problem for many reasons, including making your home less energy-efficient and becoming a pathway for rodents and pests to enter. Pests can often get through small cracks in the walls that are usually invisible to the human eye, and rodents can get into your home through small holes. Have a professional inspect your home to see if there are any openings left unsealed and have these covered up to prevent any unwanted visitors from getting in.

In addition to this, chimneys and exhaust vent opening are the perfect openings for rodents and pests to get in. You can control mosquitoes, wasps, and flies, by adding a screen or getting in touch with pest control services to avoid this from happening.

Get Rid of Abandoned Pipes

During a renovation project, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to have pipes replaced. However, you need to make sure that no abandoned pipes are left open during the renovation. This can lead to infestations which can cause long-term problems for you and your home in the long run.

Make sure to have any old pipes sealed off to reduce the chance of pests or rodents hiding out in the pipes.

Don’t Leave Any Food Out

Whether it’s your own meals, your pet’s food, or a snack from one of the construction workers, leaving any food out is practically asking for pests to intrude on your home renovation project. Not only that, but water, garbage, and even waste can attract insects, so make sure that you keep or dispose of any food that you’re no longer eating. Also, remember to dispose of your waste properly and make sure that your trash bins are tightly closed so rodents and pests won’t get into your trash.

The goal of any renovation project is to improve a structure or area, so it’s important to be there during each step of the process. Because if you’re not careful, you could end up with a problem that will cost you both money and time. But as long as you take the proper precautions, you will be able to enjoy your newly upgraded home without having to worry about any pests.

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