How Much Should You Spend on Lawn Aeration in Salt Lake City?

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The average cost of lawn aeration in Salt Lake City costs around $60 when you hire a contractor. Most homeowners hire a contractor to fertilize the soil and save money on labor fees.

A regularly aerated lawn prevents pest infestation, which can happen due to standing water. However, weed growth can likely occur after aeration so consider applying mulch. In Salt Lake City, it may cost at least $15 per cubic yard if you buy mulch in bulk. Homeowners should aerate their lawns at least twice every year, particularly during spring and fall.

Factors to Consider

Lawn aeration involves several holes to loosen the soil and remove plugs for better absorption of air, water, and other nutrients. You need to consider the lawn’s condition before attempting to aerate it. An excessive amount of thatch between the surface and plants may require aeration to prevent dry and compacted soil.

Aerate the lawn when you notice at least a half-inch layer of thatch. If you just bought a newly built house, it’s possible that heavy equipment has compacted the grass and soil. Core and spike aerators comprise the common types of tools for lawn aeration. The spike technique is much cheaper since it can be done with rollers, pitchforks, or aeration shoes.

Cost of Labor

Home with money aroundIt takes at least two hours to aerate a 215-square foot lawn. Spike aerators are best for small yards and may only cost from $0.10 per square foot to $0.40 per square foot. You can choose to rent the tools for at least $60 per day, but it might be better to hire a professional when you have a severely compacted lawn.

Core aerators cost from $190 up to $3,000 depending on the type of equipment. This is one reason why you should constantly aerate the lawn and not let the soil become too hard. Lawns with clay soil ideally need more frequent aeration. Consult a landscaping expert about the right time of the day to aerate the lawn.

When to Apply Mulch

A well-maintained lawn doesn’t only rely on proper aeration. Mulch also prevents soil compaction and weed growth, aside from improving nutrient absorption. The best time for applying mulch happens when the soil is warm. Some types of mulch may not work well with certain types of trees and plants, so do your research before applying it.

When putting mulch near trees, be sure to leave a distance of at least six inches between the two. Take care not to place mulch on tree trunks, which can lead to girdling or corrosion. Avoid digging more than three inches before applying mulch as well. Reapplication varies among different types. For instance, leaf mulch can last up to 12 months while wood chip can last for up to three years.

The actual cost of lawn aeration will vary based on the yard’s size, type of equipment, and professional labor. Homeowners who plan to sell their houses soon have more reason to keep a good-looking curb until they hand over the property.

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