How to Keep Wine in Pristine Condition

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If there’s any drink that brings people together, it’s wine. You drink it for big occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries. But it’s also a great companion for unwinding after a long day at work. It’s also a type of alcohol that comes in different variations and flavors, depending on which country it comes from and the specific vineyard it was processed in. The most basic varieties of wine include red, white, rose, sparkling, and dessert. All of them are also split into different subtypes, each with their unique flavor.

Wine is a versatile and flavorful drink that anyone can enjoy, which is why it’s a favorite among Aussies. Wine Australia found over 7.4 million weekly wine drinkers in the country, as of 2018. Australia is the world’s tenth most attractive wine market, according to a report by Wine Intelligence. The country’s citizens are also its largest market for the wine it produces. Australian wine has an 83% share of the market in Australia.

Wine is a well-loved drink in the country. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to keep this drink in excellent condition. Fine wine can taste better the longer you keep it, but if you store it incorrectly, it’ll lead to a flat or outright bad-tasting drink. Here are ways to ensure your wine stays pristine and ready for every occasion.

Keep it Horizontal

Storing wine horizontally is much more space-efficient than vertically. This is because you can stack them up when they’re on their side. Another crucial factor is that thor orientation keeps the cork moist. A dried-out cork can cause air to seep in and age the wine prematurely.

Store Leftovers in Smaller Bottles

Oxygen is the enemy of wine, as it can spoil even your finest drinks over time. If you’ve consumed, say, half a bottle, there’s more air in the container to circulate. Consider buying small glass bottles where you can store your leftover wine in. This way, there will be less space for air. Just make sure you label them before storing.

Ditched the Cork? No Worries

Whether you’ve misplaced the cork or flung it at a hundred meters per second to the sky while opening your fizzy champagne bottle, there’s no need to worry. You can always replace them with wine stoppers. These are made of high-quality metal and plastic. They create an air-tight seal that blocks the opening of your bottle. You don’t have to worry about keeping it moist, so you’re free to store your wine vertically and show off those beautiful vintage labels.

Shields Up

Another way of preserving your vintage spirit’s taste is by using a wine shield. This is a circular plastic disc that’s flexible enough to fit any bottleneck. This acts as a lid that floats on top of the wine, keeping it fresh during storage. This is great if you’re a casual drinker that doesn’t consume a whole bottle with your guests in one go.

Suck the Oxygen Out

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If you want to make sure your bottles are completely devoid of oxygen, buy a vacuum pump that’s specifically-designed for wine. You could also replace the air in the bottle with a harmless inert gas like Argon. Machines that pump inert gas can get pricey, but they do a good job of keeping oxygen out of your bottles, so you always get a fresh pour every time you open up a bottle.

Create the Perfect Conditions for Storage

Temperature and humidity can severely impact the freshness and quality of your wine. If the atmosphere is too cold or hot, your drink will likely spoil. The ideal temperature for storage is around 13 degrees Celsius. You should never keep it below freezing or above 20 degrees Celsius. The storage space they’re in must be humid, as low humidity can cause corks to cry out and crack.

If you don’t have a cellar, store your wine in a specialized wine refrigerator. You can get these from online kitchen appliances stores. These fridges not only keep your bottles at the perfect temperature, but they also keep it at the proper humidity. Don’t even try to keep your fine wine in a regular fridge, as these appliances can get too cold. Plus, food odors might also seep into the bottles, ruining the flavor of your wine.

Fine wine only gets better the overtime. However, if you don’t know how to store it properly, you risk spoiling its delicious flavor. Use these suggestions to keep your wine in pristine condition every time. This way, you get the perfect glass every time, whether you’re celebrating a wedding or just relaxing at home.

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