How You Can Transform Your Garage into a Home Office

The pandemic has changed the way people live. From the closure of schools to curfews, everyone has been affected one way or another. One of its biggest effects has been the shift to remote work. Figures show that 63% of employees have worked from home due to the pandemic.

While this presents many benefits, there are also some downsides. If it’s a sudden change to remote work, you probably don’t have the space to work productively at home. But you can solve that problem with some furniture rearrangement and garage door repair. Here’s how you can transform your dingy garage into a home office:

Add Windows

Studies show that natural light can help employees’ workplace performance. It has a positive effect on people’s quality of sleep and well-being as a whole. While garages can be dark and depressing, you can install windows to solve this problem. There are several garage door designs with built-in windows. Depending on the structure of your house, you can also add windows in an existing wall.

When you’re installing a window, you must consider a few factors. First, the location must receive sunlight. Otherwise, your newly added window will be rendered useless. Make sure there are no trees or rooms that will block the window from getting direct sunlight. Second, there’s also the privacy factor to consider. If you can see outside, people can also see the inside of your garage. If possible, choose a spot that doesn’t get much activity. You can also use frosted glass so you can maintain privacy and receive sunlight.

Insulate the Garage

One of the best things about working from home is that you can control your conditions. Chances are the temperature at the office was always too low or too high for your comfort. You may not have noticed it but it has probably affected your productivity at work. In fact, a study has revealed that women tended to perform better when it was warmer. On the other hand, men did worse when the temperature went up. At home, you don’t have to deal with difference of preferences. You can set the temperature according to what suits you best. To do so, you must insulate your garage.

Contrary to popular belief, insulation isn’t only for winter. It provides a year-round benefit by decreasing the need for heating and cooling. Besides comfort, it also helps your wallet by lowering your energy bills.

Whether you’re going to insulate the garage yourself or you’ll have a professional do it, there’s a few things to remember. No matter the type of insulation you chose, you must avoid one that uses formaldehyde. It can negatively affect your health and there are several other options. You should also insulate the door, walls, and even the ceiling.

working at home

Tidy up the Room

It’s hard to focus at the task at hand when there are a lot of distractions around while you’re working. If you have a water heater or a washing machine in your garage, get a divider. If you store your things there, install shelves. You can add a column or rearrange the furniture so you don’t have to see anything you shouldn’t see while working. You can point your desk in a different direction and divide the room to maximize space. This way you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You get to have an area designed for you to work productively while still having room for your other things. You also don’t have to change up other parts of the house if you don’t want to.

During the process of cleaning up, there are a few tips you can use. You should dispose, sell, or donate anything you don’t need anymore. You can also re-purpose it so it’s not just taking up room. Floating shelves or furniture with hidden compartments are also great options when it comes to maximizing floor space.

Cover the Floor

Garage floors can not only be unsightly but also slippery. Who would want to work at a room with dull and even potentially dangerous floors? It doesn’t even have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can paint over the floors to give it a pop of color and added protection. Just use mats over it to provide a comfortable and cozy finish. The best thing about it is that you can do it by yourself. Make sure that you’ve cleaned all the spots and prepared the area properly.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the most out of your house. You can transform any underutilized room into a productive one and improve your performance at work.

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