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Working from home isn’t exactly a new idea; some professions have allowed remote work for ages. But recent times have forced most office-goers to adapt to a more homely working style. Many companies suddenly enforced working from home to keep their employees safe from the pandemic. This resulted in a large number of people having to suddenly turn their house to a makeshift office.

Not everyone is well-equipped for this change, and some find it a struggle to adapt to this new working style. However, since the home is where we should be most comfortable, home-based work doesn’t have to be an absolute chore. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your new workspace. But first, let’s talk about out why you need a proper work-from-home setup.

Your dining table isn’t enough

If you suddenly find yourself turning your dining room into an office, then you might be familiar with the common struggles of this inadvertent change. You might miss your ergonomic office chair with adjustable height and backrest, or your deep work desk where all your files are easily accessible. Ultimately, this comfort is what makes an office a place to work—all the things necessary for work are in easy-to-reach areas, and any physical adjustments for your comfort can be made in a snap.

The usual house isn’t really designed for office work. It lacks many things necessary for a productive and efficient workflow. And it’s not even just productivity that’s affected; it can also be your health. Sitting on a sturdy dining chair for hours on end can lead to back pain, and improper desk height brings wrist and shoulder stress. Equipping your house with the tools you need for work is necessary, both for productivity and health.

Office desk and a chair… at home

As mentioned before, your dining table isn’t enough for work. Most dining tables are high to make eating easier, but it’s not exactly the best position to do work for extended periods. The same goes for a dining chair; you simply need something softer to rest your back on. Investing in an ergonomic office chair and desk is absolutely vital if you don’t want to develop chronic back pain or burn yourself out from working at home. It’s one of those things that we never notice when it’s there but makes all the difference when it’s gone.

Get your air vents cleaned

If you feel sick of being in the same room after a few hours of working, then maybe it’s sick building syndrome. For many years, most people only sleep and rest at their home for a few hours then go to work. Because of this, many don’t realize their house breeds dangerous air-borne viruses. In cases like this, duct cleaning is a must. You’ll feel energized for work once you breathe fresh air. If your office needs constant maintenance to be conducive for work, then your house needs it all the more.

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Set the atmospher

Lighting and plants—these are two things that are often overlooked but make all the difference. A dimly lit area with only household items isn’t exactly the best place to work in. Unfortunately, most houses only have over-head lighting that will most probably be blocked by your own shadow. And you might find the walls of your own house too claustrophobic to let you sit down and get work done. This is where mood-setting is important. Get lamps to illuminate your working space, and get plants to let your eyes see something fresh and natural. Research has shown that plants help with increasing productivity in the office, so why not bring them home?

It’s time to upgrade your computer

Your computer at home has spreadsheets, documents, and other files crucial to get work done. So why not upgrade it? A good computer will let you work faster and efficiently, and can potentially reduce stress if your current computer isn’t up to par with what you need to do. And if your computer is powerful enough to handle your workload, why not get a mechanical keyboard to provide yourself with a satisfying computing experience? Most work is done with a computer anyway, so it’s only best to have a reliable one.

Many companies were sent scurrying to delegate work-from-home tasks, and many employees weren’t prepared for this change in the environment. However, we need to adjust to the constantly changing times. And this includes investing in tools that will benefit us. We’re already forced to stay at home and work, then let’s make working from home as good of an experience as possible.

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