Major Home Renovations: How to Prepare

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You already hired the roofing company. That’s where you’re wrong. You still need to make preparations so that the renovation project goes as smoothly as possible. Even small remodeling projects require some planning. Here are some things that you should do to ensure that no problems pop up later:

Always Do An Item Audit

If you are renovating one of your rooms, it is always a good idea to audit all the items in it. This is especially important if you have some valuables in the room. You do not want to lose something important during the renovation. If you do lose them, the audit can be a big help when you make an insurance claim.

Your item audit will also give you an idea of what you need for storage. Some of these belongings you might need to keep outside of the storage box, while others won’t be necessary until the renovation is done. Having a clear idea about this allows you to prepare boxes and a storage locker if necessary. This is important when it comes to large pieces of furniture like sofas and tables.

The audit will also tell you which items are fragile and valuable. You need to take out all the delicate items since the remodeling will likely break them. For example, dust can get into electronics and ruin their performance. Valuable items also need to go into storage to prevent theft or loss.

Decide on Staying or Going

Depending on how extensive the renovation is, you have to decide on whether you should stay in your home or leave for some time. If the repairs are significant and are going to affect multiple parts of your house, you will need to vacate your home.
Even if the remodeling is only for a single part of your home, you have to stay out of the way of the contractor. It might be better to rent a hotel room for a few days if you can’t deal with the inconvenience. If you do plan to leave, then you should stay in touch. Renovations require your input, and it is a good idea to drop by every day if possible.

Think about Your Family

If you have children or pets, then they might be a problem. You should schedule the renovation during the summer. This allows you to send off your child for a summer trip. This ensures that they are out of the way, and their schedule suffers no disruption. Even just sending them to spend time with their grandparents for a week or two should be enough.

A bigger problem is pets. Worksites are dangerous to pets. There are power tools, harmful chemicals, and more all over the place. If you have a pet, it is best to house them in a kennel until the renovation is done. You can also bring them with you where you are staying. Long-term renovations might get problematic, so you can leave them with friends or family when that happens.


Talk with Your Neighbors

Depending on the sort of home you have, you can talk to your neighbors. A condominium renovation will require you to talk to the building manager. Additionally, you should inform the owners of adjacent units, especially if you are working on the walls that connect to their units.

For independent houses, then you mostly have the freedom to do what you want. But the neighborhood association might want to know what exterior changes you will be making. But as long as your changes stay on your property, you have the freedom to do what you want.

Have a Plan for Delays and Emergencies

Most remodeling projects follow a strict timeline. If your contractor is a good one, then they should be able to keep to the schedule. But some things can delay your remodeling. For example, natural disasters and others can change things. Your contractor’s people might get sick. If these do happen, then you need to have a plan for them. You might want to call in emergency workers, or you might need to dip into some emergency funds to pay for overtime. The right plans are necessary so that your remodeling can finish on time.

Proper preparation ensures that your home remodeling can go off without a hitch. Talk to your family and work with them to get the best results possible.

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