Six Ways To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

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As you step into a traditional hotel guestroom, you’ll be quick to notice matching furniture and decor. But recently, these days are slowly fading away. Guests now prefer their lodging experience to feel like they’re in their second home. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, it’s time to make some changes to your space. Check out these six elements to include in your B&B.

Hospitality Trends: an Overview

With the innovations in design, hotel rooms are transitioning to look more high-class and formal. These rooms appear as they came from a cookie-cutter, often sending off a serious vibe. Guests would rather be somewhere they can let loose after a long day of traveling. This trend is what most people call “hospidential,” a wordplay for combining hospitality with residential.

So, how does this trend impact the lodging industry? What can hosts do to give an optimal experience to their guests?

Top Six Hotel and Lodging Elements

Need some ideas to create a more relaxing environment for your guests? Welcome them with these six elements that will definitely make them feel more at home.

1. Plants

Biophilic design, or connecting humans to nature, is gaining traction to improve visitors’ moods. It helps reduce stress and increase productivity, sending positive vibes to their well-being. Plants are a simple way to breathe and add some life into a space. You can design your hotel to have an indoor garden, with landscapes and other scenic views. This way, you’re bringing in fresh vibes from the outside.

2. Lighting

In hotel design, lighting management is becoming increasingly essential. Hotel rooms are starting to have lighting fixtures that were before only found in households. These fixtures, such as floor-to-table lights, add more personality than traditional ones. Dimmers and lighting alternatives are also becoming increasingly prevalent, as it helps set the tone and mood for each room.

3. Heating

When you imagine a cozy hotel lobby, what do you first imagine? As a staple to traditional lodging, a lobby fireplace never fails to send a warm welcome to visitors. This feature works well as a design element because they help draw guests in and attracts them to stay longer. More so, it sets an intimate vibe that is suitable for either personal and social mood.

4. Fabric

In the past, the hospitality sector has specific options when it comes to fabrics. The limitation was there to make it easier for each establishment to meet the standards. Thus, you can see most hotels using only polyester fabrics. Luckily, today’s trends are more flexible, expanding fabric choices for designers. You can now choose from a range of cotton to velvet types; each fits contract-grade specifications.

5. Wallpaper

The color, design, and texture of your wall are important for making a place feel warm and welcoming. Using wallpapers is a fantastic way to be creative in this area. In today’s market, your options for the type of wallpaper appear to be limitless. Whether for business or residential spaces, you won’t go short in finding the best one that suits your theme.

Manufacturers were able to adopt new types of wallpaper that could stand any climate. So, if you’re hesitant to use wallpapers because of the humidity in your area, you can opt for these newer ones.

6. Tiles and Area Rugs

The hospitality industry continues to adopt new ways to make its spaces more livable. In traditional hotel rooms, tiles and carpets often blend. Now, they are setting a more residential feel by adding area rugs and different tile designs. These create zones and divide spaces which helps set the mood for a specific space. It allows guests to experience a new vibe as they walk from the lobby to the garden and other areas.

Wrapping Up

Time changes continually. Along with it are the trends and wants of consumers. As a hotel and lodging owner, it is your duty to keep up with these transitions. To get an edge and stand out in the industry, it’s vital to remain one step ahead. Researching for new ways to boost your guests’ experience will dictate how your hotel will grow in the future.

Words in the hospitality industry spread rapidly. Use this opportunity to turn your guests into returning visitors or let them leave a wonderful review of their experience. Doing so will boost your hotel’s reputation and increases prospective guests.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t started sprucing up your lodging business, now is a high time to embrace these changes. Invest in these industry trends, and you’ll surely be glad to make the right move.

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