Stress Busters: 5 Office Upgrades to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

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Employees clock in on time just to get to another stressful day at work. No matter how hard you control the working environment, pressure will always trigger the people who work for you. The least that you can do is give them a functional space that can alleviate these negative experiences.

A study cited in ScienceDirect reveals that physical environments influence employees’ well-being. They can directly impact their work performance and productivity, too. Interior design can primarily affect employees’ outlook whenever they enter your building. That’s something you should focus on. Help to prevent your staff from feeling too much stress in the workplace.

But how can you make this happen? Which part of the building would need enhancements? Check these following ideas. See how you can incorporate styles to combine business and pleasure in your building.

Make the Lobby Look Luxurious

Have you ever applied for a corporate job and remember entering a big building? Then the receptionist asked you to wait in the lobby. The next thing you did was look around you and feel the sense of grandeur. You may be familiar with this scenario, especially if you’re working in an office. A lobby that leaves a luxurious vibe to its employees can exude prestige to anyone who enters it. You can enhance your lobby by making it look polished everywhere. From laminated floors to shiny iMacs in the reception, these can impact the people in the building. Employees will definitely feel that they’re working in the right company.

Put Up Decorations

Putting random paintings on the wall won’t work if they’re not well-coordinated with the building’s whole theme. The same goes for erecting structures outside the buildings that don’t bear significance. Embellishing the establishment with decorations isn’t enough. These accessories should be related in any way to the whole concept of your building design. Consider the theme, shapes, texture, or overall aesthetics you’re going in for. This is why getting a good interior designer is essential, too. You may have a vision for the whole design, but only an interior consultant can adequately bring this vision into reality. An expert can do it in the most aesthetically pleasing fashion. So the next time some decor is being placed on the lounge table, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be random.

Build Patios and Balconies

Your staff needs a place where they can fully relax and unwind just a little. Yes, you can have a spot in your office building where they can have a little peace of mind. A patio is a great place where your hardworking people can take a breather. You can put benches if a roof covers the patio. Place healthy plants to add a serene vibe to the whole spot. Another place you can have for your employees is a breathtaking balcony. A nice view of the city will be a treat for most while spending their breaks. For safety purposes, the structure should have sturdy handles and protective barriers. In addition, a premium waterproof decking process should be applied to prevent the floors from becoming slippery when it rains. The same goes for the patio. Give your employees calming areas where they can take a well-deserved break.

Create a Cozy Cafeteria

Make your staff feel like they’re in a real coffeehouse. Do this by incorporating coffeehouse elements into your office cafeteria. This isn’t just about the coffee machines and the sugar cubes. You can give your staff the complete coffeehouse experience. Employ a couple of baristas who will work behind the counter. Source pastries from small bakeries. You can also support locally farmed coffee beans for this project. Meanwhile, wooden tables and chairs will go really well with the coffeehouse aesthetics. Match it with bossa nova or even smooth jazz in the background. There’s nothing else your employees could ask for in their break time hangout.

Prioritize Wellness

A Forbes article cited a survey that says 87% of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits. With this in mind, your employees’ mental wellness should also be prioritized. The very first thing you can do is give your office employees little perks. These could be fitness passes to gyms or simply getting ergonomic chairs in the office. You can also give them a dedicated game room for leisure or nap rooms where they can doze off for a bit. These things can help your employees feel a little less stressed. Less stress means more productivity for everyone in the building. Your employees are the company’s assets. You might as well take care of them physically and mentally.

The workplace is a second home for you and your employees. The setup may be different, but the comfort should remain. There’s nothing better than having the coziest working environment, as it promotes productivity and efficiency.

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