Right at Home: Signs that You’ve Found Your Dream House

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Your home is one of the most significant purchases you’ll make in your life. As such, you want to make sure that you’ve chosen the best home for your family, and it’s something that will fit into your plans. So it’s reasonable to be cautious when you’re home shopping and second-guess your decision when you think you’ve found the perfect place.

But while being cautious is good, it can also mean the difference between getting the house and the land that you want and missing out on them because you waited too long to decide.

Luckily, there are plenty of indicators that can tell you you’ve found the perfect home. More than a checklist of things your dream house should have, here are six signs you’ve found the right home.

1. You had a positive first impression

As the adage goes, the first impression lasts. When you see a property and immediately feel drawn to it, that’s already a positive sign that you’ve found the right house. It might be impressive curb appeal at work or only an innate feeling, but if you feel good about a property at first glance, take note of it.

2. You’re amazed after seeing every corner

Sure, the first impression is essential, but if the property lived up to it by also having amazing interiors? You’ve hit the jackpot on house hunting. The feeling of satisfaction you get as you inspect each room can go a long way, even after you’ve purchased the home.

3. It’s in an area you love

Let’s be honest—no matter how perfect the actual property is, if the area it is in isn’t appealing to you, then you might be wary of taking it. But if the property is beautiful and it’s located somewhere safe and convenient? This is another sign that it’s the home you’ve been looking for.

4. It has all your must-have features

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When you’re house hunting, surely you have a list of non-negotiable features you’re looking for in a home. So another sign that you’ve found the right property is the knowledge that the one you’re looking at has all your must-haves and that you’re not sacrificing anything.

5. You already imagine how to furnish each room

When, upon walking through the door of a listing, you immediately see how you’re going to furnish the space, it’s another positive sign that the house is it. If you’re already thinking about how a Christmas tree would look perfect against that corner or how a room with wide windows makes for an ideal library, this might be the house you’ve been looking for.

6. You feel at home

In your house hunting journey, you will likely see plenty of houses and inspect different properties. Some homes will immediately feel wrong, while others will make you think of the possibilities they hold. But the house you want is the one that will give you the feeling of being at home—that warm, cozy feeling of comfort and belonging. Trust us. Once you’ve found the right house, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Shopping for a house isn’t like shopping for clothes. You can’t only try it on and decide that it does or doesn’t fit you. But with the tips above, you’ll be able to tell if the one you’re looking at is the perfect fit for you.

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