Starting a Landscaping Business in the Pandemic? Here Are Landscaping Services to Offer

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It is no surprise how home renovation projects boomed last year. As the pandemic forced people to stay indoors, many homeowners considered improving their living spaces. Forbes even tagged 2020 as the “year of the home.”

This year, the home improvement projects have ensued. But this time, many homeowners have paid particular attention to their outdoor spaces. They have even gone as far as hiring landscaping services. In fact, 2021 is considered the “year of the yard.”

As people will continue to boost their outdoor spaces in the next few months to come, it’s a good idea to launch a landscaping business. Here are types of landscaping services to offer during the pandemic:

1. House exterior extension

It’s easy to see many households pursue a house exterior renovation during the pandemic. They upgrade their front doors and windows, install new siding materials, fix their roofs and gutters, and repaint their exterior walls. However, they can have a house exterior extension project as well.

As a landscaping business, you can offer outdoor construction services. You can build a porch, deck, patio, or pergola that’ extends from the client’s house.

2. Paving construction

Paving construction is popular among many households. Not only do pathways serve functional and safety purposes, but they can also kick the property’s curb appeal up a notch.

As a landscaping service, you can provide paving construction services. You can install a driveway to the garage and a sidewalk around the client’s property. Invest in a wide array of materials such as bricks, flagstones, and cut stones (granite, marble, travertine, and bluestone).

3. Fencing and gate installation

There are a handful of benefits that come with installing a front gate and fence around the house. For the most part, homeowners consider having them for safety and security. However, they can also improve the overall appearance of a residential property.

As a landscaping business, you can specialize in the construction and installation of fences and gates. You can use wood, metal, and composite fencing panels. For gates, opt for timber, wrought iron, aluminum, and vinyl materials. That way, you can cater to the landscaping needs of your clients.

4. Hardscape installation

The first three landscaping service options are considered hardscape. The Spruce defines hardscape as “any non-living elements in an outdoor space.”

But apart from those mentioned above, you can offer the installation of hardscape structures. These include retaining walls, garden walkways, water fountains, and fire pit. All these artificial elements can take your outdoor space up a notch!

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5. Exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular among many households in recent years. Not only does exterior lighting offer security, but it also enhances the property’s beauty at night. It can create the overall ambiance of the outdoor space while setting the mood of the household.

That said, you can specialize in outdoor lighting for your landscaping business. Be sure to invest in LED lights and have an expert lighting designer.

6. Outdoor gardening

Home gardening has become popular among many households during the pandemic. But if the family members don’t have a green thumb, they can tap the skills and expertise of professional gardeners.

As a landscaping business, you can plant and grow shrubs, flowers, and even vegetation in a client’s front and backyard. You can also strategically grow and landscape hedgerows around the house. Along with these is to ensure the property’s overall curb appeal.

7. Lawn care service

Lawn care is what it is—taking care of the lawn. For the most part, the lawn maintenance service involves growing, mowing, and maintaining the grasses in the yard. But it goes beyond that.

Know that lawn care services involve turf installation, weed control, pest control, and constant irrigation. If you venture into the landscaping service, you may want to focus on lawn care.

8. Tree care and removal services

The last on the list is tree care for your landscaping business. The idea is to take care of shrubs and trees by trimming and pruning them regularly.

If you are an arborist, you can also offer tree cutting and removal services. Uprooting a tree or removing its branches comes with a risk. Therefore, some homeowners need the experience and expertise of an arborist.

Launching a landscaping business is a good idea in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, think of what types of landscaping services to specialize in. Be sure to consider some of the recommendations outlined above. Nothing can be more fulfilling than seeing your landscaping business thrive and flourish while helping homeowners boost their outdoor spaces and properties’ curb appeal.

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