The Realities of Adulting: 10 Things Every Adult Should Have at Home

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As we grow up, the things we take for granted in our parents’ homes are now a necessity. We have prepared a list of essential items every adult — including those who are just adulting now — should have in their homes.

10 Essentials Every Adult Should Have at Home

1. A reliable vacuum cleaner

Now that you’re living all alone, you will have to start cleaning up after yourself. Floors and carpets get dirty real quick. The more foot traffic in your home, the faster the dirt build-up.

A vacuum comes in handy for cleaning floors and ridding carpet of stubborn dirt. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner, one that will last many years. Take a walk downtown and visit some appliance shops that sell vacuums in Salt Lake City, Minnesota, or wherever you are in the country.

2. Kitchen utensils

Among all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is where you will find yourself investing a lot of money. The kitchen is the center of household activity and is the busiest part of the home.

You are going to need to invest in a fine set of kitchen utensils to prepare meals not just for yourself but for your visitors as well.

3. A kitchen knife set and cutting board

Cooking meals is never complete without the use of a knife and cutting board. Investing in a good set of knives and cutleries is essential for any adult with a home whether you decide to stick with a basic set or go all out. Cutting boards are important, too, as they can protect your cookware and countertops from any damages.

4. Cookware

woman cookingNo kitchen is ever complete without a set of these cooking essentials. You can save up on money if you buy a set of pots and pans or you can choose to buy them individually according to what you need. Include basic bakeware as well since some meals might require the use of an oven and not the stove.

5. Dinner and Glassware

You can’t call it adulting while you’re still eating out of takeout boxes, right? Invest in a decent dinnerware set so you and your guests can fully enjoy that roasted chicken that you’ve been bragging about. Have a set of nice glassware to accompany your plates, too, so you and your visitors can enjoy a few drinks over your meal

6. Handyman tools

Nothing screams adulthood than learning to DIY and repair things at home. For this reason, having a basic toolbox set is important in a home.

Appliances may wear out, some furniture might need some fixing. You would want to be always prepared for these things and not be caught off-guard. Instead of calling in your extra-handy pal, be that kind of friend that people can call.

7. Basic appliances

While there are several essential household appliances, the top ones that you should prioritize are a microwave oven, a toaster, and a coffeemaker. You can gradually add on other smaller appliances to your home as time goes by.

8. Organizers and storage solutions

Keeping a home organized and orderly is a very adult thing to do. Get rid of all the mess and clutter in your home by investing in different organizers and storage boxes. These help keep you from losing and misplacing stuff and adds a sense of order in any space.

9. Laundry essentials

Even if you go to a laundromat, it is still important to keep some laundry essentials at home. Along with the typical hamper and laundry basket, some cleaning agents like detergents and fabric softeners are handy to have. An iron and ironing board are also must-haves to keep your clothes crisp for a more professional and adult look.

10. Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher to protect you from fire is a wise investment you will never regret making. There’s nothing like the added security of having a tool handy to fight fire with. It would be best to know about fire extinguishers and their proper use.

You can add more items as you go along but these are some of the most essential things every adult should have at home.

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