3 Ways to Make Your House Look More Luxurious Than It Actually Is

luxurious-looking home

If for some reason you want the inside of your house to look good, fancy, rich, expensive, and make it look like it came straight out of MTV Cribs or if you just want it to look like it is from sort of a Cardi B music video, then of course, you have the freedom to do so.

Of course, the main issue here is thinking of the budget. Or whether or not your ideas are feasible or not. But know this though: everything and almost anything can work when you want to achieve something, especially when it has something to do with designing.

All you need is the proper guide, and not exactly the resources to make your house look extravagant. Follow these steps, and here are some ideas on how you could cheat your way to achieve a luxurious interior of your house without actually spending much:

1. Conceptualize what your home’s interior should look like

Get inspirations from movies, music videos, or other websites where you could get several ideas for a design which would be really helpful for you since you would not need to start from scratch.

Interior designers always follow a plan anyway when they design a supposed high-end home — never leaving out ceilings, walls, and floors (although not all are required to be decorated, just enough to be balanced) which means you would need the help of experts that offer interior design services to pull through.

Worry about the materials, the finances, or the feasibility later because a plan could be pushed through given with the right persistence and tactics. Finding the right people would make it so much easier for you to execute your plans under the right budget.

2. Use the power of lighting to your benefit

well-lit home

Now, most people would always think of the materialistic side of the phrase ‘making your house look expensive and rich,’ but according to a magazine, nothing quite highlights the extravagance of your home than providing it with its natural glow.

So as much as possible, when you are considering moving furniture around the house, make sure you welcome the natural light. But it is also important to strategically place pieces that are interesting and eye-catching where the light would easily reach them, and therefore emphasized.

At night though, you could also maximize lighting through arranging your own lighting at home with bulb sizes and color depending on the mood that you wish to achieve in a room. Lights are essential to setting the ‘vibe’ of the house, and the trick is, you could always choose to use LED lights to save energy if you are too worried about the electricity bills.

3. Less is more: do not overdo your furniture

According to home-stager and designer, Stephanie Jacobs, the placement of too much furniture, especially in the living room, could potentially make the people enclosed, overwhelmed, and guarded, as opposed to feeling carefree and ‘elegant’ in the comfort of a luxurious house.

Of course, furniture is amazing and beautiful, but too much of it could send a different message the people visiting. Besides, having less furniture and more space around your living room emphasized each and every one of them in a specified corner.

An extravagant house does not always mean flaunting every single expensive thing you have, in the end, it is all about proper placement, maximizing the use of lights, and finding the right people to execute the vision that you wish to bring to life!

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