Electrical Problems: What Your Business Needs to Keep an Eye On

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Commercial establishments have complex electrical wiring systems. The complexity becomes greater when your Salt Lake City business has greater requirements than a small store or facility. And because electricity plays a big part in serving the needs of your customers, workers, and stakeholders, it requires expert attention from experienced commercial electrical contractors in Salt Lake City. This professional assistance is especially crucial in preventing common electrical problems from hampering business.

But before you arrange services, what electrical problems do you need to keep an eye on?

Hazards That Lurk

Electrical issues typically start small; when you leave it to the last minute to fix, you’re likely to spend more money than if you’d addressed it early on. More importantly, neglecting an electrical problem leads to all sorts of risks, from a fire breaking out to an employee getting electrocuted.

  • Old Wiring

The National Fire Protection Association issues new electrical codes; the most recent of which took effect in 2016 for Salt Lake City. New codes mean updated wirings, especially for old buildings. Outdated wiring is not only in violation of the new building codes, but it is also a fire hazard. Buildings that overload the capacity of electrical wirings will be damaged.

  • Power Loss

Whether you run a corporate office or a retail store, power loss can cripple your operations. And that will lead to revenue loss. Your generator will be able to restore some systems, from the AC to the lighting. But it may not be enough to power up all other types of equipment that may be crucial to your business.

  • Circuit Breakers Tripping

The primary focus of a circuit breaker is to protect the electrical power system. If it often trips, it means that it can’t handle the volume of electricity your business uses up. Circuit trips cut off the flow of one electric current to the other, so parts of your establishment might not have access to power.

You can fix this by flipping the switch on the circuit breaker. But if a circuit overloads, a short circuit or a ground fault surge occurs, then you need professional help to have it repaired.

  • Flickering Lights

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Flickering lights as a result of entire sections having faulty lighting is a cause of internal electrical trouble. These lights are a result of poor connections or a short circuit somewhere within the electrical system. Flickering lights require immediate repair as leaving these unattended might create a bigger issue later on.

Other problems you’ll want to fix are dead outlets, sparks, and burn marks around outlets. Repairs can go from half a day (or a couple of hours) to a few days, depending on the severity of the problem. The point is to get these issues fixed the moment you become aware of them. Otherwise, they’ll create a host of problems for your business.  They become even bigger issues when you attempt to fix them on your own. These not only lead to wasted time and lost revenue, but these also put lives in danger.

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