3 Ways to Make Your New Home Pet-proof

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Moving is always a stressful event—you have to pack all your stuff in several boxes, deal with furniture transport, and handle a lot of paperwork to make everything go as smoothly as possible. However, all this stress isn’t just for humans. Moving can be really tough even for your furry friends. Aside from searching for the best Tasmanian furniture transport service, as a responsible pet owner, another thing that you should prioritize right after you move is to make your new home a safe and happy place to keep your pets healthy.

An unfamiliar home can have a number of inconspicuous dangers for your pets. Nonetheless, the great thing is that you can get rid of the majority of these hazards by making smart decisions as you’re settling into your new place.

Thus, if you’re moving with your pets and wondering how you can help keep them safe and well-adjusted, you can make the entire process a little less draining by doing the following things after you move.

Check the Kitchen

The first place in your home that needs immediate pet-proofing is your kitchen. It can be a dangerous place for your furry friends as they may jump onto the kitchen tables or countertops and create mess that isn’t only difficult to clean up but may also injure them. In addition, some food items can be extremely toxic for them, so make sure that they won’t have easy access to any of them. These may include chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, avocados, and garlic. Also, all food items that aren’t inside your fridge should be sealed properly in a container instead of just leaving them out in the open on your dining table.

Keep Meds and Other Chemicals Out of Reach

If swallowed, several types of medication can be lethal to your pets. Therefore, make sure that none of your tablets and capsules can be reached by your pets. Keep your medicine cabinets safely closed and hide all sharp objects such as your razors and blades away from them as well. In addition, hazardous chemicals in your bathroom cleaners and drain openers should also be kept out or reach of your pets. Laundry products such as detergent, fabric softeners, and bleach are equally dangerous to your pets, so keep them all safely stored in a cabinet that your pets can’t open. Child locks usually work effectively for this purpose.

Explore the Neighborhood for Safety

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Instead of doing everything at once, take some time to get to know your new neighborhood little by little. Seeing so many new things all at once can be overwhelming for pets, especially dogs. Keep in mind that their senses are much stronger than yours. They have better senses of hearing and smell than you do. If they’ve never seen a swimming pool before or heard the sounds of screeching shoes on a basketball court, it may overwhelm them at first. Thus, help them get used to it gradually. Meet your neighbors and greet them so that your pets will know the ones that are safe.

If there’s a learning curve for humans in any new living situation, your pets may take some time to get used to a new environment, too. Do the best that you can to make this new place safe for them and something that they can appreciate as their new home.

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