A Guide to Moving to a New State

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There are many reasons people move to Utah. Who can even deny it? Utah is home to a history of riches and culture. Plenty of new home developments are cropping up in its many cities, from St. George to Salt Lake City. Its bustling economy is home to a multitude of jobs, all in very different vocations. For a lot of people, Utah can be the definition of the American dream, a chance to pursue happiness and security.

Still, like all dreams, it’s best to be grounded in reality. If you’re thinking of moving to Utah, it’s best to understand what it has to offer. What exactly lies in wait for those looking for a change in pace? Is it the dream state you’ve always been looking for?


Don’t be fooled by appearances. Utah might seem like a desert-ridden place, but its many cities can provide for its visitors. Its impressively low unemployment rate of 3.1%, means that everyone has a chance to get work. Plenty of job opportunities exist, especially when considering the state’s flat growth rate.

Housing is not a problem either. Large swathes of land are available for perusal. Its population, while growing, is still relatively low. This gives you plenty of choice on where and how your future home can look.  Bills are surprisingly small as well, with its cost of living well below the national average, while its quality of life is remarkably high.

Not to mention, Utah is also an excellent place to visit. Its diversity is unmatched, allowing you to encounter things not possible elsewhere. Plenty of festivals, like the Sundance festival, are celebrated inside Utah. Its many forests and parks appeal to those who love nature. Its rich history encourages closeness and hospitality. Its relatively small population fosters care and friendliness between neighbors. Its low crime rate ensures a safe place to live in, no matter what city you go to.

Above everything else, Utah can appeal to the adventurous part in you that yearns for something different, and exciting. Living there is a significant change in pace, but it’s a chance to start something new.


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If you’re moving to Utah, it’s best to pick a place that can accommodate your needs. Pick a city that allows you to prosper and work. There’s plenty of room in Utah. Find the one that suits you the most.

If you like films, living in Salt Lake City and Park City lets you attend the Sundance festival. If you’re into documentaries, consider St. George and Ivins for the Red Rock Film Festival. If you love nature and hiking, a place near Lake Powell and Monument Valley affords you magnificent scenery. If it’s work you’re looking for, consider Utah’s most vibrant city of South Jordan as your destination.

Once you’ve chosen a place, it’s all in a matter of preparing for the move and not looking back. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Utah can provide it for you. Excitement. Adventure. Security. Utah has it all.

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