4 Pointers to Make Your First Car Purchase Easier

First Car

For many Australian families, having a car means they can travel much easier and faster to work, school or just about any scenic spots they could think of. Such is the value of having a car these days to modern living today, that over the years, more and more families in Australia own cars.

While buying a car in Australia is pretty easy, it still helps to be thorough and careful, especially if you are first-timer. There are several factors that you need to consider, not just the price of the vehicle itself or how to drive. Keep in mind these nifty pointers before you head to your nearest dealership.

Consider the other fees

First, think about your budget. Apart from the purchase price of the vehicle, there are several fees and taxes that you need to consider. For example, you may have to pay a referral fee to your car broker. You also need to pay registration taxes, the amount of which depends on every state.

These taxes can include registration transfer fee, stamp duty and motor vehicle tax. In Queensland, stamp duty often starts at $200, but be sure to how much you need to pay depending on the value of your car.

Protect your car from the elements

Cars are a valuable commodity, and any car owner would want to keep them in tip-top condition and safe, especially from the elements. Before you drive one to your home, make sure you have enough space in your property where you can safely park your vehicle.

If your property doesn’t have a garage, a carport is an exceptionally good alternative. Brisbane-based experts on carports say these structures offer adequate protection from the elements so you can rest assured your car is safe from weather or sun damage.

Get good insurance

Once you are set with the finances and a found proper place to park your car in your property, it is also smart to get good auto insurance coverage. Each state has a mandatory motor vehicle accident personal injury insurance, which you need to take when you register your vehicle.

You need this to cover expenses in case you injure a person while driving the vehicle. But apart from the compulsory insurance, you might also want comprehensive car insurance to repairs and replacements to cover a variety of situation like theft or collision.

Read the manual

Apart from actually having to drive the car, it’s also good to read your manual. It contains tons of useful information about your vehicle and maintenance points for future reference. Some car owners tend to skip over reading the manual, but for a first-time car owner, this can help you get to know about your vehicle.

Having a car is almost a necessity these days. Before you get one for your daily use or for your next family vacation, it pays to know all matters related to purchasing and owning a car, from taxes to protecting it from weather damage. You can better maintain your vehicle this way and make buying one much easier.

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