4 Tips to Bring Down Your Monthly Power Bill

Electric bill with light bulb

So, you’ve hired a trusted air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City, Utah a few months ago and have been enjoying cool indoor temperatures no matter how hot it is outdoors. You’ve also made sure that the installer chose the right air conditioning unit based on your home’s needs. It’s truly a comfortable stay inside and you always sleep like a baby with the cold breeze hugging your skin gently as you doze off.

But then the power bill came and you almost had your jaw drop to the floor upon seeing the amount you had to pay. It more than doubled compared with your previous months’ average power consumption. You then quickly thought it might be the air conditioning system that spiked your electrical bill. But, is it?

Well, before you blame the thing for such a shocking discovery, why not learn how to lower your power bill right now so you’ll know better next time?

With that, let’s jump straight into these three tips in bringing down your monthly electrical consumption:

Insulate your home

Proper insulation is perhaps one of the easiest yet most cost-efficient ways of lowering a home’s electrical consumption. The good news is that there are several ways of insulating your home so you’re sure to find one that best suits your budget and specific needs.

One, you can simply use caulk or weather-stripping supplies to properly cover all cracks and opening in your home where cold air escapes and warm air enters. Second, you can choose from the different insulation types to guarantee that your house is not wasting away energy by either working too hard to cool it down or warm it up:

  • Foamboard
  • Radiant barriers
  • Blanket
  • Insulating concrete foam
  • Concrete block
  • Loose-fill/blown-in

Go big with LED

LEDs are not only eco-friendly since they last way longer than CFLs and incandescent bulbs, but they are also energy-efficient and bright. These are the reasons they are the lighting option that many budget-conscious and nature-loving property owners choose to have for their homes.

If you want to significantly bring down your home’s monthly energy bill, then invest in LED lights for your entire home. They may cost a bit more than CFLs, but LEDs offer better savings when compared with other lighting options. Don’t hesitate to go big with LED; your wallet and nature will thank you for it.

Follow the star

These days, manufacturers of lighting fixtures, home appliances, and electronics are making more energy-efficient products for consumers. Accordingly, the federal government began rating these products based on their energy efficiency and allowed manufacturers to display their ratings in their products. This rating system is called the Energy Star, a project of the U.S. Department of Energy. The higher the Energy Star rating, the more energy-efficient an appliance or lighting fixture is and the bigger the savings are.

As such, make sure to follow the ‘star’ with the highest rating possible as it will surely lead you to the promised land: a land where power bills are so low it’s almost heavenly.

Have your HVAC system periodically maintained

Adjusting AC

Without proper maintenance, your HVAC system will surely waste a lot of power and run inefficiently. As a result, you will most likely have a mini-heart attack each time you set your eyes on the month’s power bill.

Fortunately, all it takes is proper periodic maintenance of the HVAC system by a reliable service provider. In the hands of experts, your homes HVAC will surely run smoothly and consume just the right amount of power and not gobble upon it.

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