4 Ways to Dress Up Your Garden without Spending a Lot

Do you know a garden is good for both physical and mental health? Multiple studies already show it can reduce stress levels and the risk of anxiety and depression. It encourages you to spend time outdoors so that you can get vitamin D and exercise.

Gardens can also boost your home’s curb appeal, increasing your possible resale value. But to make them worth a second look and truly beautiful, you need to dress them up.

Here are tips for doing that without breaking the bank:

1. Add the Lights

Adding lights to your yard or garden offers plenty of benefits:

  • It creates the illusion of space, especially if you choose garden uplights.
  • It helps ward off potential intruders, including wild animals.
  • It highlights the beauty of the garden, even in the evening.
  • It makes your space more distinctive.

Garden lights are available in various designs and sizes. For practical reasons, consider using LED lights than halogen. LEDs are usually cheaper and last more longer. They also don’t consume much electricity.

Further, LEDs these days feature different colors. You can play around with silhouettes and textures to capture the vibe you want for your garden in the evening.

2. Incorporate Flowers

Suppose you have a food garden, then good for you. You are on your way to becoming more sustainable. However, your space can also benefit from flowers.


Flowers add more color in your garden and helps feed the bees. These insects are essential in agriculture and the production of honey, among others.

Now how do you choose what to plant? Here are some tips:

  • Know the different categories of plants. They can be perennial, which means they regrow each spring. Annuals die every year, but they have dormant seeds that help them grow again. Evergreens last throughout the seasons.
  • Determine the quality of the soil. UK’s soil can vary from clay to silty, loamy, peaty, and sandy. Identify the soil you have and match it to the flower that can thrive in it.
  • Invest in native or local plants. Many imported flowers are gorgeous, but planting them can be dangerous since they can be invasive. You will also find local plants easier to buy and grow.

3. Consider Using Artificial Grass

If you find paved yards boring, consider using artificial grass. Although real grasses are equally beautiful, fake ones might have more plusses:

  • They are easier to maintain since they don’t need watering.
  • You can avoid using harmful chemicals to keep the weeds and insects away.
  • You won’t have to deal with mud or spend plenty of time tilling the soil.
  • They’re healthier for pets since they don’t allow bacteria and other pathogens to reproduce.
  • Artificial grasses also remain green all year.

4. Create Different Structures for Plants

Variety can make any garden, no matter how small, stand out. For example, combine mulched beds with raised ones. You can also utilize the fences and walls for a vertical garden. Containers are great for herbs and flowers.

With gardens, they are no rules unless your plants encroach on other people’s property. Allow your imagination to run wild.

With your creativity, ingenuity, and these tips, you can elevate the beauty of your garden without spending a lot of money

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