Airbnb Hosting: Improving Your Listing to a 5-Star Rating

hostel with bunk bed and wooden flooring

With over a million listings in 190 countries, Airbnb has become a popular alternative to hotels and other traditional options in the hospitality and accommodation industry. As a result of its growth, many property owners (known as “hosts” over the platform) who have placed their homes up for rent on the app have received steady income.

It’s no secret, however, that some hosts earn more income than others. While it may have to do with the desirability of their listing compared to others in their area, it may also be because of what they and their property have to offer. Superhosts have a much higher five-star rating on Airbnb, which in turn can lead to higher income. So, how can you improve your listing to make your property stand out? Here are a few tips.

Make Sure Your Appliances Are Running Smoothly

To get five stars, you need to prepare every part of your home to provide the best experience. So, if a guest arrives and the air conditioner isn’t working right, the electric stove is faulty, and the hairdryer doesn’t blow hard enough, your guests won’t have a pleasant stay.

Before listing your property, it helps to hire professionals with your appliances. Get AC installation to install a cost-efficient but effective air conditioner if your property’s old model is outdated. Get maintenance for your heating system, refrigerator, and other large appliances that are slightly older. By doing this, your guests won’t be turned off by faulty appliances that will ruin their experience.

Have Flexible Check-in and Check-Out Times

This option may not be possible on days where you have guests leaving in the morning and new guests arriving in the afternoon, and you only have a short gap in between to clean up the property. But on days when it is possible, allow your guests to check-in early or check-out late by a few hours.

Flights have an average delay time of 66 minutes, and there may be delays on road traffic that might make them check-in or check-out late. If you can’t be present for a late check-in, opt for a lockbox or keypad lock so that they can perform self-check-in.

Be Honest About Your Listing

Hostel room interior

Don’t describe your listing as the “perfect vacation home by the beach” if your property is more than a ten-minute walk from the beach. And don’t call your home a vacation home if its amenities are more suitable for those traveling for work rather than those looking for a staycation weekend in a home where they can relax and watch Disney Princess movies in order.

When you oversell your home, you’re raising the expectations of your guests. One study from the University College London found that keeping expectations low can make guests happier because of how they feel things are getting better than they expected. So if your listing isn’t what you claimed it would be, they may feel like they’ve been misled. That could lead to bad reviews because of their disappointment.

Airbnb has tapped into a market of travelers who want more affordable but quality accommodations while they travel. While there is a sizeable market of people looking for properties, you want your property to stand out the right way by having high ratings.

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