Business Sign Making Trends That You Will See More Later This Year

Streets fiiled with different signages

Business signs change according to the trends of our time. Art movements take place as a reaction to the times, or as a statement to oppose the most recent trends. It’s what makes the world of art and design go round, and that of businesses and their consumers, too.

As with anything that’s in vogue at the moment, design trends that are taking over the business or corporate spaces can definitely be predicted or identified. A simple Google search or glance at your Instagram feed will tell you what types of color schemes, template designs, and font styles are standing out.

By doing so, you can easily tell which trends are more appealing to consumers at this point. However, it is important to note that some influences come and go, but some are here to stay. If you feel that it’s high time to update your brand identity, start with the first thing your customers see at your business premises: your shop or office sign. Here are some ideas on what types of signs are popping up more everywhere:

Minimalism Continues

Just when you thought the hype surrounding minimalism has finally wound down—well, apparently it hasn’t. There’s no sign of slowing down for the minimalism trend, which began sometime after the vintage/retro revival of the 2010s and has been going strong for half a decade now. While more serif font styles will come up in designs the coming months (or years), minimalism’s clean and crisp lines won’t completely go away.

Serif Makes a Major Comeback

Serif wasn’t really popular in sign typography for some reason, perhaps because it looked old-fashioned and called to mind the newspaper or heralds of the yesteryears. But that’s about to change this year. According to 99 Designs and other similar blogs, serif fonts will be showing up more in different mediums in 2019. Fonts belonging to this group has started to pop up more on the websites and signage of brands in the food, real estate, and travel industry.

Neon Signs and Sculptures

Neon lights on the streets of china town at night

Think neon signs are only for shady nightclubs and go-go bars? Think again. The delightfully kitschy neon-lit signs and sculptures of the previous decades will make a major comeback this year. While bars comprise the majority of the early adopters, creative, arts, and media-oriented industries are following suit.

There you have it. If you’re planning to open a shop or office this year and don’t know where to start with your business sign, consider having it done with laser cutting. Salt Lake City has a good selection of custom metal fabrication companies that can respond to your needs. These companies cater to businesses hailing from every industry there is, and are equipped with the right tools to turn your concept into reality.

When working with these metal fabrication companies, you will have the option to submit your own design or tap their in-house designer to do it for you. You will also have the choice to select the material and finish that you want for your sign. Good luck on your new endeavor and may it flourish this year.

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