Do Not Damage It Yourself: Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes You Should Avoid

man fixing their houme's plumbing system

Here you go again. You are faced with the same disastrous situation that you thought would help you solve your problem, but in the end, caused more damage.

It is understandable if you want to prove yourself as capable, but seriously, if this is another one of your plumbing issues gone wrong, maybe it is time to seek professional help. You should really know when you can fix your own toilet issues, and when it’s time for you to call one of the nearest plumbing companies in Salt Lake City to help you solve your problems.

Here are common mistakes that people often do when they think they can “fix” plumbing issues on their own.

1. Try not to solve an unfamiliar plumbing issue yourself!

Most people who want to try and solve plumbing issues on their own is sometimes due to the fact that they want to save money, and that they want to prove themselves as a responsible adult.

Now, if your reason is the former, then you might actually want to reconsider since if you try and solve the issue without proper guidance and help from a professional, you might end up causing more damage, therefore having to pay more bills!

And if your reason is the latter, there are other ways to prove yourself as responsible. Just make sure they do not involve anything that has to do with fixing a plumbing issue!

2. No, duct tape will not be helpful this time.

The popular quote about duct tapes which says that although it cannot fix the ‘stupid,’ it can muffle the sound — as ridiculous as that quote is, it actually points to a very important issue.

Most people (probably from reflex) have a tendency to grab duct tape at first sight of a problem — a plumbing issue, or anything that requires fixing. And while it could probably stick back together your favorite items, duct tapes are just not the go-to solutions for fixing everything — particularly plumbing!

3. The toilet does not flush because it is clogged.

It is a common rule for everyone who uses the restroom — yes, even the public ones – those tissue papers are not meant to be thrown in the toilet. That is why there is a separate bin for toilet papers (if you do not have one, then you should) so the toilet could avoid clogging.

Even the smallest tissue papers — yes, even the tiniest bit of baby wipes that you throw in your toilet — could inflict damage more than you would expect. After all, toilets are made for human waste, and human waste only (even if the item says that it is flushable, it is definitely not worth the risk) so do not go and try to flush other things in it otherwise, you would have serious issues.

4. Too much drain cleaner will not unclog your sink.

 Woman Using Plunger In Kitchen Sink At Home

The usefulness of a liquid drain cleaner definitely could not be denied, but just like everything else that is ever useful to us (like duct tape), it has its limitations. Among the most common mistakes people make is pouring endless amounts of liquid dry cleaner on their clogged sink, thinking that more is better. Try doing manual labor first by plunging the clogged area of your sink.

Remember, these plumbing issues will not occur so often if you stop doing things that cause more problems rather than solve them!

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