Standing Guard: The Different Types of Fences

bamboo fence

Fences provide enclosure to your home. They provide you and your family with a way of ensuring privacy and keeping out unwanted visitors. Whether they are a means of keeping your pet from wandering away from home or deterring strangers from destroying your garden, there are fences for your every need. Aside from commonly known aluminum fence panels, here are other popular fence materials and their advantages:


Most homes use aluminum fencing. Probably owing to its attractiveness, aluminum is one of the most basic fencing materials. It is usually low-maintenance, and it can be made to look like any of the succeeding fencing options.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences can provide a touch of elegance for any property. The rich designs of this type of fencing can accentuate your yard and give it a beautiful appearance. Wrought iron fences are both strong and beautiful. To maintain their beauty, it is highly recommended for owners to sand and repaint them at least every two to three years. Despite this upkeep, wrought iron fences can increase your property’s curb appeal.


vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences provide the option of having the polished look of wooden fences but with better durability and strength. This kind of fencing offer similar styles to those of wooden fencing and is generally considered to be a better alternative. Made from PVC, vinyl fences do not require that much maintenance. Providing security and privacy, vinyl fences are sturdy. They even come in various designs and colors.


Wooden fences are generally known as the first and most basic type of fencing. Made from the cheapest material, they are durable and cost-effective, and they can stand the test of type. In addition, this type of fencing usually does not require any maintenance cost. Along with their sturdiness, wooden fences are also popular due to the natural feel they bring in backyards and gardens.

Chain Link

This type of fencing is considered to be among the stronger ones and is used for a variety of purposes. Chain link fences consist of a mesh of chain links with a sharp upper edge in order to deter unwanted entry or crossing over them. They provide security, and they can be installed at any desired height, depending on their intended purpose.


Bamboo fencing is starting to be a household name in the fencing industry. It is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly types of fencing on the market at present. Live bamboo, rolled bamboo, and bamboo cane fencing are the three types of bamboo fencing. Both rolled bamboo fencing and bamboo cane fencing are sturdier than live bamboo fencing. They usually utilize poles that are linked together.

Fences play an important role in the exterior of your property. They provide you with security and privacy, as well as a way to improve the overall aesthetic value of your house. Determine the various uses and benefits of each material in order to choose the best fencing type to suit your needs.

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