Enhance Your Family’s Safety on Bad Air Days

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Is the air around you deteriorating and risking some severe health issues? Fret not. It takes time and getting used to, but workarounds are possible.

Keeping healthy lungs from poison does not just come from making sure you don’t have the toxic gas in your car detailing interior in Salt Lake City. It also comes from being mindful of your surroundings. The air quality is not something entirely within your control, but how you respond to the bad air quality is the next step that will help spell the difference between proper management and health problems in the making.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your lungs even during the face of a bad air day.

Wear a Medical Grade Face Mask

In line with the recent news report of Salt Lake City having the worst air quality index in the United States, experts recommend the use of N-95 medical face masks instead of the regular face masks. There is little use for regular face masks in particularly congested areas. It will be more helpful if you look for the N-95 label when you buy the mask to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Invest in a Home Air Sterilizer or Purifier

The outdoors has a life of its own. Your home or office, however, has some measures as an indoor space that can help mitigate the bad air quality. You can go for cleaning your air conditioning coils at least once a year or investing in a topnotch air sterilizer or purifier, so you keep breathing the freshest air possible indoors. TheHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Construction Inc System for air sterilizers is an excellent example of a full-blown system available in Salt Lake City that you can check out.

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Strengthen the Lungs with Swimming Workouts

Exercise strengthens the lungs. In particular, go back to the time-tested lung empowering swimming workout. On top of the lung power, you also get a host of other benefits, including calorie loss, muscle toning, and relaxation in the water. Those few laps in your community pool a few times a week may help your lungs develop the power required to stay strong and sturdy no matter what air quality is thrown its way.

Be Extra Alert if You are a High Risk for Respiratory Issues

Asthma inhalers and antihistamines may be your best friend in these trying times. Keep those maintenance medications in your bag, your first aid kit, or your home medicine cabinet. Asthmatics and those with pollen allergies at a much higher risk of asthmatic attacks than the rest of the breathing population.

Air quality in itself is not a static metric. Every day and month, it changes. Over time, Salt Lake City’s alarming air quality index rate may change in the residents’ favor. Whether the air quality improves over time or not, you should stay vigilant, prepared, and wise in the face of your inhalation issues.

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