Four Beautiful Museums and Galleries to Visit in Metro Manila

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Art matters in life. It helps you appreciate the beauty of the world, as art is fundamentally a reflection of the world’s beauty. For some, art is a window to the world of the artist. When you view artistic pieces, you are somehow staring at the soul of the person who made it.

There are many ways to enjoy art. You can look at the doodles your friend is making, or you can even make one. But if you want to elevate your experience, you must visit museums and art galleries.

Thankfully, Metro Manila has a wealth of art museums and galleries that cater to both tastemakers and newbie art enthusiasts. It is only a matter of discovering them. But look no further, as this list will provide you with places that you may consider visiting. Now, all you have to do is rent a sedan car in Manila, bring along your best pals, and bring a camera.

The National Museum

For many art enthusiasts, students, and even professionals, the National Museum should be at the top of the list. You might have visited it during one of your school field trips. But if you want to take your time to appreciate the pieces, now may be the perfect chance to do so. Key pieces include Juan Luna’s massive Spoliarium and Felix Resurreccion Hildalgo’s The Assassination of Governor Bustamante. The museum is also home to Manunggul Jar, several woodwork pieces, and sketches by Fernando Amorsolo.

Ayala Museum

If you are a big fan of the Philippine story and the evolution of the country’s heritage, Ayala Museum is for you. Owned by the Ayala family, the Ayala Museum houses pre-colonial pieces that will give you insights on the history of the Philippines. The museum has a collection of ancient rings, necklaces, and sashes. Ceramics, vases, and plates from the early Chinese-Filipino trade years can also be found here.

Yuchengco Museum

Owned by the Yuchengcos, The Yuchengco Museum has a broad collection of works from various eras. The gallery houses paintings and works by Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna, Jose Rizal, and Carlos “Botong” Francisco. The museum also keeps contemporary pieces, such as the Suspended Garden by Tes Pasola and a few art-technology works.

Any Museum Inside Intramuros

San Augustine Church, Intramuros

Not too far from the National Museum, Intramuros has a few museums that can give you a peek of the Filipinos’ lives during the Spanish rule. San Agustin Museum, which is in San Agustin Church, shows a lot of precious religious pieces. Bahay Tsinoy and Casa Manila are also worth a visit if you want to explore the influence of Chinese and Spanish peoples on the lives of the Filipinos.

Art is all about how people view life. It is a platform that helps people express their views, innermost thoughts, opinions, and social commentaries. When you see art, it feels like you are taking part in the person’s expressions. It may seem like you are listening to what they are saying. Art transcends time and place, making it a relic that can last a lifetime or a piece that speaks a thousand languages.

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