Fort Lauderdale: Salute the City of 3 Forts and Endless Sunshine

Fort Lauderdale

Despite the military connotations of its name, Fort Lauderdale actually exudes a fun and youthful energy that draws a large and diverse crowd from both the United States and all over the world. As one of Florida’s main tourist destination, Fort Lauderdale is host to a wide number of activities, from yachting and nautical recreation, to convention centers and shopping malls.

It’s also known for its strong arts and culture vibe, with the Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment district serving as the city’s hub for fun and creative events. If you’ve never been to Fort Lauderdale, you should know more about the city’s colorful and enjoyable side.

A Little History

But first, a little history: Fort Lauderdale was named after a series of military installations, three forts, that the U.S. government built during the Second Seminole War, with the forts being named after the commander of the first fort, Major William Lauderdale.

Throughout the years, Fort Lauderdale became one of Florida’s prime vacation spots, with the city becoming a choice place for spring breakers in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Today, it’s one of Florida’s major yachting centers, serving as both a place for recreational yachts to dock and is also a major manufacturing and maintenance center for yachts.

Getting to Fort Lauderdale

If you’re coming from Miami, you can access Fort Lauderdale either by bus or train. Since it’s only around 20 miles away from Miami airport, you could also consider driving a rental car or taking a taxi.

But if you really want to go in style (or if you’re coming from somewhere farther from Miami), you could consider taking an air taxi to Fort Lauderdale. It may be a costly option, but it’s luxurious, and a good way to get the fun started well before you get to the city, making for a memory you shan’t soon forget.

Best Things to Do in the City

coastline in Fort Lauderdale

The best thing about Fort Lauderdale is that it has something for everyone: Fort Lauderdale Beach has been described as a quieter, less hectic, and definitely less crowded, version of Miami Beach. Fort Lauderdale’s coastline is lined with fine sand beaches overlooking the crystal-clear and blue waters of the Pacific.

But if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, the city’s Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District is definitely the place to visit, with the area being among Fort Lauderdale’s top attractions. Whether it’s soaking in some high-brow culture at the Florida Grand Opera, or visiting the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, or even just strolling along the district’s famous Las Olas Boulevard, the Riverwalk district has something for everyone to enjoy.

And what’s a visit to Florida without seeing some flamingos? Catch these bright pink birds at Fort Lauderdale’s Flamingo Garden, a botanical and wildlife preserved located just 17 miles away from downtown. It’s a 60-acre tropical getaway filled with more than 3,000 plants specie and some of the best and most beautiful examples of Florida’s flora and fauna.

So, if you’re looking for a vibrant vacation, look no further than Florida’s famed coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean. A big salute to Fort Lauderdale!

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