Practical Solutions to Make a Property Elder-Friendly

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Taking care of our aging parents or grandparents requires a lot of patience and dedication. Aside from this, you need to find time to assist them with their daily needs. If you are working full-time, this may not be very easy to achieve. Sometimes, you will need to hire a private nurse or a caregiver to help care for them while you’re away.

Some people consider sending them to nursing homes to make sure that they are well-taken care of. However, not all people want to age in nursing homes. Some of them still prefer to live in the comfort of their homes. If this is the case, you need to make sure that you get upgrades and improvements. Consider adding useful features that can help aging people. Doing this can help make them feel more comfortable even when there’s no one else around.

Senior-Friendly Home Features to Consider

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Renovating your home can be costly, especially if you will be customizing a lot of space for the elderly. You don’t need to change all the features of your property. You only need to choose the most significant upgrades. Also, you can work your way by renovating one area first and proceeding to another after saving enough money for it. Here are some useful home features that you can consider:

  • Anti-slip flooring—Aging seniors are prone to slips and falls. Thus, you must choose flooring at home, which prevents accidents and injuries. The best options are vinyl planks, cork, and carpeted floors.
  • Lever doorknobs—Replace your existing doorknobs with lever-type ones. Lever-hardware makes it easier for older people to open and close doors, especially to those who have arthritis.
  • Adequate lighting—Ensure that your home is well-lighted, especially in entryways. Elderly people may have a difficult time seeing clearly, so you need to make sure that there are enough light bulbs and lamps installed in your home. Don’t forget to include ambient lighting, so it will be easier for them to read labels and instructions, especially medicine containers. If you have stairs at home, ensure that you install a switch at the top and bottom part of the stairway. Consider installing emergency lights as well. They will be handy if ever there’s a power outage in your area.
  • Anti-slip and fall handrails—Staircases can be very dangerous for elderly people. Make sure that your loved ones remain safe going up and down the staircase. To do this, install anti-slip and fall handrails. Ensure that you place it on both sides and extend the rails a few inches more at the top and bottom. Doing this will help people find their balance better before taking the first step going up or down the staircase.
  • Convenient bathtubs—Another important home feature that you should consider is installing convenient bathtubs. If your loved ones find it hard to move from one room to another, consider investing in walk-in tubs. This type of bathtub can be moved from one place to another. This feature makes it more convenient and accessible for the elderly to take a bath even without assistance from others.

Ensuring that your aging loved ones remain happy and contented in their own homes should be one of your top priorities. Caring for them may become more difficult, but as long as you are there for them, it’s more than enough. You need to ensure that you don’t let them feel like they are a burden in your life. Try applying the tips mentioned above, so it will be easier for you to ensure their safety and convenience.

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