Four Safety Tips for Women Who Drive Alone at Night

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Car crashes and road accidents are not the only risks you’re facing when you’re a woman driving alone at night. Unfortunately, many criminals target women, thinking that they will easily fall to abduction, carjacking, robbery, sexual assault, and many other things. Numerous women have reported crimes when they are walking to or away from their cars in the parking lot. That’s why women drivers have to be extra careful when they work at night or in dingy unlit parking lots.

You should consider having an automotive tint specialist in Arizona install a dark tint in your car windows. Sometimes, criminals would randomly target women they see are alone in the car. They would follow the car to a parking lot and wait for an opportunity to strike. They could also follow the car until it reaches a deserted road.

Stop Only in Well-lit Roads

Do you know that some criminals impersonate as a police officer? So never roll down your windows when you see law enforcement walking toward you. Drive to a well-lit road first before stopping and talking to the “police.” True law enforcement officers will let you off the hook for not stopping when they tried to pull you over on the deserted road. They will understand the precaution you are trying to take by finding a busy road where everyone else can see you.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you’re going to park in a dimly lit parking lot because you have no other choice, be aware of your surroundings when you’re walking to or away from your car. Make sure that no one else is following you. Make sure that no one is standing near your car. If someone is, wait for that person to leave that area before opening your car. Don’t open your car remotely while you’re still a few steps away. There’s a very good chance someone else is waiting in the dark to pounce on your doors. Once you are inside the car, lock the doors and the windows. Move swiftly when you have to load bags in your trunk.

Plan Your Trip

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In your head, you should already have your trip mapped out. Picture the roads you are going to take, especially if you plan to drive at night. Remember that if you get lost, you will be vulnerable. You will have to ask for directions or stop on the side of the road. You’ll whip out your phone to check Google Maps. That puts you in a position where criminals can use this vulnerability against you. Always be sure where you’re going and what roads you have to take to get there.

Never Stop for Anyone

Don’t stop for a woman carrying a child. Don’t stop for a person feigning an accident. Don’t stop for hitchhikers. Don’t stop for the police (go to the nearest police station instead). If you want to help, call 911 on these people. When you reach the police station, report what you have seen on the road. If there is an accident, the police should take care of it. You’ve seen many movies wherein hitchhikers turned out to be criminals, so don’t fall into that trap.

In this day and age, it’s hard to be too trusting of people. You need to look after yourself, especially if you’re alone at night. Focus your mind on the road. Seek help for others, but don’t offer yours. And lastly, you should learn self-defense or, at least, have a pepper spray with you.

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