Freelance Tech is Winning the Job Market

Freelance Tech

The pandemic has pushed modern life to the online space. Companies are struggling to adapt to the new health and safety protocols in place. An increasing number of employees are working remotely in the comfort of their homes. If there ever were a perfect time to start freelancing, it would be now. Those that are knowledgeable in the tech sector are reaping all the benefits.

Forbes lists the computer and IT sector as one of the most rapidly expanding industries for freelancers. This encompasses a wide area of services, such as computer repair and app development. Additionally, the computer and IT sector was the top career category with the most freelance job listings, according to the data collected by FlexJobs. Evidently, there is a high demand for technology professionals in the current employment market.

Here’s a quick look into the latest in-demand freelance tech skills:

Computer security

The pandemic has increased cybercrime cases by 600%. An outbreak in email phishing scams and clicking malicious links can easily lead to malware and viruses. Ransomware is another type of malicious software that encrypts the victim’s data, which only restores access if the victim sends payment. Another subtler attack is cryptojacking, which uses computers to mine cryptocurrency, often without the owner knowing.

As malware becomes more sophisticated, businesses need to invest in professionals skilled in cybersecurity. Malware, ransomware, and network security breaches pose a more significant threat as enterprises move their work online. Freelancers who would like to work in computer security must have a keen eye to detect any vulnerability in a company’s network security to prevent further exploitation. A smart strategy is to upsell an additional service that educates the company’s employees about preventing future cyberattacks.

Mobile and App Development

Smartphone use continues to rise and expand rapidly. 48.37% of people worldwide have access to smartphones today; that’s a whopping 3.80 billion people using a smartphone device. The app market has a strong demand and a high salary. Hence, talented developers have bright careers ahead of them.

The challenge for freelancers is gaining competency in the most popular programming languages. Different languages are good choices to fulfill other goals. Thus, it is up to the developers to find their preferred niche. The common programming languages to learn are C++, Java, Python, C, and Swift. Taking the time to learn UX and UI design skills is an excellent edge in the job market.

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Web Design

It is roughly estimated that there are 547,200 new websites created globally every single day. That’s about 380 new websites made every minute! These staggering numbers show that web designers will have a lucrative time in the job market. Businesses in all sectors want to establish a solid online presence for their brand. Their website is often a deciding factor that determines whether a potential consumer makes the final purchase. A skilled freelance web designer knows how to design a functioning website that is clean, professional, and easy to use for visitors.

A challenge that freelancers face is website builders, as it allows a regular person with little coding experience to create their website. They must learn to market themselves as a premium service that website builders fail to replicate. Web designers can also maintain and update previously created websites.

AI and Machine Learning

Advancements in AI and machine learning are shaping the tech industry dramatically. A report from Gartner in 2019 shows that the demand for AI rose 270% in four years. A growing number of companies have integrated smart AI to fuel their innovations, such as chatbots, digital assistants, self-driving cars, and even powerful chess engines. Freelancers who would like to enter this field can do so through skills in different occupations, such as machine learning engineer, robotics engineer, computer vision engineer, and data scientist. These occupations have also seen significant growth in their respective job markets.

The field of AI and machine learning is quickly propelling the globe into an automated society. It is a relatively new industry that is constantly creating new positions in the job market as technology advances. The greatest challenge a freelancer must face is keeping up with all the latest trends and advancements. But with adversity also comes triumph, as AI and machine learning may lead to previously undiscovered breakthroughs in this neophyte field.

The computer and IT sectors are in a unique position in the new normal. It is difficult to believe that technology is so advanced that it can do all of this work in the comfort and convenience of one’s rented one-bedroom apartment, vacation suite, or even hole-in-the-wall cafes. However, time and technology have proven yet again that these things are possible. The technology sector certainly has a numerical advantage in opening the job market compared with other industries. Still, as it goes with freelancing, it’s entirely up to the person to make it work for them.

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