Guide to Making Driveways Safer

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Accidents can happen anywhere. Even in many home driveways, people get hurt. And the sad fact is, children are the usual victims in those kinds of accidents. Just a few months ago, a 3-year-old girl was struck and killed in a Texas driveway, according to ABC News. Meanwhile, according to the National Safety Council, the number of car crashes across the country has been in decline for some time now.

Surely, if the roads are getting safer, there must be some things people can do to reduce the risk in their own driveways. And there is. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that risk stays at 0 percent.

Always Practice Good Driving

Many of the driveway accidents happen when backing up. The knowledge that a person is at home may be adding to the complacency. The responsibility always starts and ends with the driver.

When parking or backing up, always check all the windows and mirrors, all the time. It’s also good practice to walk around the car – this can be done after you’ve turned on the engine before leaving.

Don’t rush. The few seconds you think you can save by breezing through your driveway is not worth the risk of hurting a family member of a bystander.

Always Watch the Children

When someone’s about to drive in or away, it’s ideal to always keep your children in check. Knowing where they are and what they’re doing at one moment may not be enough given their unpredictable nature and the speed with which they can reach the driveway.

Children might be excited to greet people driving in, or to chase after someone who’s about to leave. Keeping a watchful eye on them, at least until everything’s clear should be a priority, even if they are inside the house.

Always Maintain Your Driveway

Slips can happen in the driveway, especially during winter. Most driveways are a ramp, so ice slippage is a concern. The ice on the driveway and sidewalks can cause car drivers to lose control or people to slip and fall. These factors raise the risk of accidents.

There are a lot of de-icing methods for driveways. But before that, if you know it’s going to snow, scattering some gravel, straw, sawdust, sand, or wood chips to maintain traction.

De-icing can also be done using a number of home-based or aftermarket products. Beware though, some of these solutions can be harmful to plants and pets – even salt. Make sure you follow the label and apply only the necessary amount.

Always Look for Ways to Improve

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Security cameras are a good investment. Aside from helping you better see the driveway from different vantage points, it’s also the best-known deterrents for burglaries and intrusions. Most CCTV applications can be set up on the phone too, which can give the driver a much-needed additional angle when backing up or parking.

Maintaining or even improving the integrity of your driveway is also a worthwhile undertaking. By making sure there are no unnecessary bumps, cracks, or damages on the ground, drives can be more predictable. A layer of asphalt offers safety, strength, and traction to driveways, which is why it’s so popular.

The responsibility of driveway safety falls hugely on homeowners and parents. Make sure you always follow these tips to reduce or even avoid the safety risks.

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