A Home Office Investment Is the Best Property Investment Right Now

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It is quite understandable that home kitchens are the most in-demand features of a house. But that may be in the past now. Today’s most in-demand home feature is the home office. As the pandemic caused havoc on our lives in the past year, many people began seeing the benefits of working from home. The only problem seems to be the dedicated space they need for it. If we are going to work at home with all of its distractions, we might as well have an area solely for working.

Many workers worked at their dining tables, in beds, in living rooms, and on decks. But these are not sustainable. These areas are not fit and are not designed for a home office. If this kind of work setup is going to be long-term, people need a dedicated space in their house. That’s why home offices are one of the main considerations of homebuyers now. If your property has a home office, it is more sellable than others in the market.

No Need for Expensive Renovation

If one or more properties in your portfolio are not selling fast enough, then consider adding a home office to it. If you are putting your own home in the market, an office is actually a great addition. Many will consider buying the property at the price that you want. Renovating the home to fit in an office should not be expensive. A spare bedroom is the easiest area to convert into a home office.

If you do not have a spare bedroom, then a small space in your basement or garage might be the best pick. The thing about a home office is that you have to enclose it. That will keep the distractions away. If you are renovating a corner in your garage, pick some sturdy supplies from trusted websites like bannersolutions.com to lock important documents for work. You surely don’t want your kids scrummaging through your stuff, thinking your annual report for work is something they can doodle on. Homebuyers will want a secure place where they can work.

Add Value to Your Home

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Is the renovation worth it? Yes. The addition of a home office can increase the value of your property by as much as 10%. Imagine how much that will be if you are going to sell the house for $300,000 to $400,000, which is the average range of a home right now. You can see an addition of $30,000 to $40,000 on top of the asking price. That’s an investment worth making. Of course, you have to make sure that you’re not going to spend more on the renovation than the estimated additional value it will result in.

It is cost-efficient for homebuyers to already move into a home that has an office. The only other option they have is to renovate the home themselves once they move in. While they may save a few thousand dollars on renovating it on their own, the time and energy they will spend on it are not commensurate to the savings. It is still more cost-efficient to offer to buy a house with an existing home office already.

Appeal to Homebuyers

A dedicated space for work is not the only thing that attracts homebuyers to a home office. Home offices boost productivity because workers are in an environment where they can concentrate on work. With zero distractions, they can focus on what they have to finish for that day. A boost in productivity will pave the way for possible promotions, bonuses, and recognition. This space will allow anyone to do more efficient work.

Organization is the other appeal of a home office to buyers. This is an often-overlooked advantage of having office space in your home. It helps you deal with the clutter that’s usually associated with offices. Instead of leaving your things—notebooks, pens, paper, clips, etc.—lying around your bedroom or kitchen table, you can have a dedicated space where these will be stored safely.

You have two choices when you want to add a home office to the property. The first one is to repurpose an extra room and the second one is to add an extension to the home. Both will add value to your home, though the former is more economical and requires less time.

When selling properties, it is always practical to look at the ways to increase their value in the eyes of the buyer. A home office is not a passing trend. This will become part of the future of home design.

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