How Can You Cut Efficiently Costs for Your Office Supplies?

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The current health crisis has made it necessary for small businesses to tighten their belts. This is especially true with businesses that require physical locations and offices. But rather than cut costs by reducing more important things such as benefits or other operational costs, why not reconsider your expenditure on office supplies?

According to experts, small businesses and companies can spend as much as $1,100 on office supplies every year. They indicate that a business with more than 200 employees can spend approximately $30 on office supplies per employee a month. This translates to a whopping $72,000 a year.

So how can you whittle down this monstrous expense? The best way to only buy essential office supplies and pick up the rest as needed. The following are vital materials you should always have and that you should keep in mind when whittling down your office supply budget.

Writing Implements

No office is complete without a set of writing implements for each employee. These are the basic writing implements you’ll always need in your stock room:

  • Retractable ballpoint pens should be your go-to writing implements for day-to-day note-taking. These are more convenient than capped pens, which run the risk of losing their caps and going dry.
  • Whiteboard markers are excellent for writing down notes during presentations and for group brainstorming sessions. If you’re really pressed for budget, stick to one color.
  • Highlighters are important to mark out important passages in documents. This is essential if your office deals with a lot of paperwork.

Delivery Material

Now more than ever, you must retain delivery material. With people relying more on non-contact methods of doing business, you can’t skimp on the following materials:

  • Document delivery materials, such as stay flat mailers and cardboard packaging tubes, allow you to continue sending documents safely.
  • Assorted delivery boxes let you package your products or other items and send them to customers or other businesses securely. Make sure they’re of sturdy construction for added protection.
  • Envelopes are of course ubiquitous, but perhaps forego specially designed envelopes with your company and stick to simple, plain envelopes.

Organizational Equipment

Paperwork has the tendency to pile up considerably and without organizational equipment, you’re going to have a difficult time locating files you need. Keep a small stockpile of the following organizational supplies:

  • Three-ring binders are important when compiling documents that belong together. They also ensure these files are protected from damage when stored.
  • Plastic storage boxes are vital when you’re shuttering the office for a few days or weeks. They’ll keep what’s in them dry and reasonably protected from vermin.



Finally, you’re going to need stationary. Keep in mind that you should switch to digital correspondence and note-taking when possible to cut costs.

  • Notepads are excellent for keeping track of information in a pinch. Don’t go overboard and provide too many, one for each employee will be sufficient, depending on their duties.
  • An ample supply of company stationery, with the company letterhead, is essential for official correspondence.

With a reduced budget, you need to make sure every cent is spent wisely. Paring down your office supplies to these essentials can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, which can help keep your company afloat during these uncertain times.

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