How Much Should You Spend in Salt Lake City For Sewer Line Repair?

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You could spend as low as $820 for sewer line repair in Salt Lake City, Utah if the problem is just a simple clog. Complicated repairs may cost up to $3,800 in the city.

Most people usually spend around $2,340 on average for professional service. While rates among contractors are mostly the same, you should still solicit quotes from at least three different plumbers to know the best price. Don’t hire a general contractor unless you’re willing to pay an additional $280 to $350 for their fees. Contact a plumber as soon as possible when you notice slow-draining motion on kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and showers. This can be a sign of clogged sewage pipes.

When Are Repairs Necessary?

Another sign of broken sewer lines involves unusual noise coming from the toilet bowl. Puddles that suddenly appear on your lawn may also indicate a problem with the sewage system, or when you smell a lingering stench inside the house. Repairs become more likely if you live in an older house, particularly one that has been constructed in the 70s.

Even those that were built before 2000 may also become problematic, especially if clay was used as the construction material for sewer lines. Once a professional determines the root cause of the problem, you may have to replace the pipe instead. Repairs may only serve as a temporary solution due to the pipes’ old and deteriorated state.

Ancillary Expenses

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Some projects may require additional work such as land excavation, clearing, tree removal, permits and repaving the yard. The location of pipes will be a huge factor for incurring extra expenses. Broken pipes under a driveway, for instance, may add up to $8,000 to the overall price of repairs. An excavation usually doesn’t happen without clearing the land, which then increases the cost by at least $375 for small projects or as much as $2,600 for bigger tasks.

If tree roots caused the problem, the cost of removing them shouldn’t be more than $300. You’ll need to pay almost $640 just for removing the tree if there’s a possibility that roots may regenerate underground. Whichever problem you have, a contractor can’t proceed with work if you don’t acquire the relevant permits.

Preventive Maintenance

While you’re still thinking about whether or not to pay for repairs, you should already consider how to prevent further damages to the rest of your sewer system. Avoid dumping oily or greasy liquids down the drain to prevent gunk build-up. Install strainers on the bathroom floor, sinks and garbage disposals for the same reason. Locate sewer lines before planning to add trees on your property as well. You can do this by finding the straight line connecting the septic tank to your house.


It makes sense to repair a sewer line when a plumber quotes an amount that’s cheaper than 50% of the price for a replacement. Contact a plumbing company that’s available 24/7, although try to schedule an appointment within their working hours. Emergency services or late-hour service will increase the actual price of sewer line repairs.

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