Why Ice Cream May Be the Hardest Venture for An Entrepreneur

strawberry flavored ice cream

In 2020, ice cream sales increased by 15% in the first few months of the year and over 20% during the summer months. The demand for these frozen goods is understandable, especially since they are considered to be go-to comfort food in emotionally challenging situations.  However, owning an ice cream business may be a challenge that not every entrepreneur is up for. It takes a lot of logistical expertise to design a model that works and is prepared for unforeseen situations.

This is due to the issues that arise in storing a product that needs to be maintained at a particular temperature range. When this set of values is ignored, it will lead to the loss of the ice cream’s desired shape. That can also lead to a loss in revenue as customers are likely to reject the deformed items. Melted ice cream is also difficult to restore to its original texture and taste, creating an entirely new flavor profile and mouth-feel.

Temperature is the toughest enemy of ice cream businesses because it costs a lot of money and energy to keep them frozen. Therefore, they are going to be affected by unexpected circumstances such as power outages. As they are high capital investments, it is crucial to be aware of solutions to the following problems:

Power Outage

Once a storm hits or in case something cuts off a transmission line in the area of an ice cream establishment, business owners only have a few hours to get their power back or face a massive loss in inventory. When there is no electricity to supply the freezers with, the overall temperature in storage is expected to rise, slowly melting the frozen goods. Without power, they will deform once melted and cannot be reconstructed into their original shape, making them nearly impossible to sell.

To solve this issue, entrepreneurs involved in the ice cream business should invest in commercial solar panels for their establishments and storage facilities. By converting the energy from the sun into electricity, business owners will significantly benefit from the lower electricity bills and the tax incentives set in place. Furthermore, in case of a power outage, they will no longer have to worry about losses due to deformed ice cream products.

Some generators can also be powered by the sun, allowing for a flexible system in case of power outages. Business owners must hire professionals for the installation to ensure that it cannot fail in case of an emergency. This is a crucial precaution on the part of the entrepreneur.

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Hard Parts of Soft-Serve

It takes some time to solidify the milk used in preparing soft-serve ice cream. Customers are likely to find themselves disappointed when they hear the machine whirring as the server informs them that it is not ready yet. Workers have to be present at the establishment early to load the machines with the cartons and start the freezing process.

Cleaning the machine also takes a lot of time and effort, requiring employees to use a plunger in case it clogs. Due to the complicated design, it cannot be thoroughly sanitized without taking it apart. This means that workers have to be occupied with the maintenance of the machine instead of serving it when they start their shift.

Unfortunately, the only solution to this is to have the employees clock in before the customers arrive. It should be a priority for the workers to get the machine loaded and functioning. If the sole purpose of the establishment is to provide soft-serve ice cream, disgruntled consumers can be avoided by only opening the store when it is ready to sell.

Expensive Deliveries

Transporting ice cream from one location to another is capital intensive due to the low temperature required for its storage. This means that the company should hire trucks specifically designed to keep products at a low temperature to avoid losses while in transit. A clear solution for this issue is to follow the answer to the power outage problem: electrical energy from the sun. A professional can attach panels to the vehicle to reduce the energy required to maintain the frozen state of the products.

Though it is a beloved treat by many, ice cream remains a logistical concern for most entrepreneurs. Then again, business owners must be risk-takers to be successful. With demand for this treat, it’s no wonder that many still venture into this business. Without companies involved in ice cream, it might be too painful for some people to cope when they realize that their favorite comfort food is out of stock.

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